Why HR’s ignored you resume in 2016

2016 resume format: Hiring managers opens their soul

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If you want to write an outstanding resume template and be in trend, you should keep these advices below in your mind to craft a winning resume in 2016. First of all, you should prepare your resume and define your 2016 resume style. After, let’s have a look through some useful suggestion.

Let’s go!)

1. Hotmail or alike address

Just see into the future, not back to the past. Some people said – it’s a myth, but we’re here to bust it. It’s a real case that some hiring managers are really irritates, when they see some e-mail address used by Hotmail or AOL domains. If you’re professional and good specialist – create Gmail account and use it for your correspondence. Avoid weird hiring managers)

2. Where are you man?

If you’re looking for some marketing or PR manager position, it’s a good sign to show some activity on the web. It’s ok, if you don’t post articles each day and write some researchers, but facebook or twitter accounts are better to use. And must have thing – LinkedIn. If you don’t have it already created – you lost tons of opportunities daily. Even more – you don’t need to search for a new opportunities or to update your resume 2016. Recruiters would find you themselves. Just wait and believe!

3. Forum profiles

It’s a really good practice to leave a link on your profile on some specialized forums or twitter account. Why so hiring managers need it? Just to understand on how well you could answer the questions and how well you could explain your thoughts or what do you mean. Just clean them up of some dirty words before.

4. Social profiles matters

Let us open you one big secret: Hiring managers are always check your social profiles if they have some 2 or more candidates and they are choosing between you and somebody else. Let me check..Is that you on photo with your brother smoking smth? And you are looking for a federal job in security department? Oh, declined!

We hope it’s not about you and you have already deleted this photo’s right?

5. Selfie for a LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional network. To that end, it’s the place where hiring managers are looking for a professionals and high-level specialists. It’s not a social network or Instagram. And when you see some girls in dark glasses or selfie – it’s an epic fail. DECLINED!

6. Process people vs. fact people

Stop count how much things you did on your last place of working, crafting your resume format 2016. If you want to get a well-paid job, it’s better to tell your reader on what was done. Write more facts and numbers. Show your accomplishments and it would be the best way on how to show your success!

7. Stop this business slang! We’re here to understand who YOU are.

All we need to understand is who you are and what were your main responsibilities in an concise and clear manner, No need to use some business slang form smbd’s resume  and trying to walk in somebody other’s shoes. Be yourself. If you are sales manager tell what you sale, what were your achievements and what channels did you use. And that’s enough!

8. Don’t SPAM us with your resume

Oh my God! Looks like you have sent your resume 12 times. It’s cool that you’re self-confident and eager to start working here, but it’s really not good. Stop spamming us. Just send us good resume with an outstanding cover letter 2016 and we wold consider it as far as we could.

Here are some really useful resume tips 2016 that would help not only to get the job in 2016, but would help to understand hiring managers much better!

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