What resume writing tips 2016 to follow

The reality of today’s labor market is that there are too many job seekers are looking for an outstanding positions, trying to sell themselves in the best light. It’s a normal situation for employees to apply for any positions they see, even it’s not 100% what are they looking for.

As you know, hiring managers are also people and they are using some ATS or “resume gatekeepers”. It’s special software that helps a hiring manager to sort candidates who applied to some positions. How it works? Applicant tracking system is looking for some keyword matches and compares it with some algorithms to show only the candidates who are the most relevant to vacant position.

How to format resume in 2016 to improve your chances to get this job, or even pass ATS test and be considered by a hiring manager? This is really good answer! But the problem is all the applicant tracking systems use their own algorithm to sort candidates. The answer is: use right resume keywords in your resume and follow this tips.

What suggestions we could give you

First of all – if you are a professional, you should have professionally formatted resume in 2016. Read and do it first.

Now let’s talk about useful tips on how you could save your time on job search and get the best results:

Remember that hiring manager need 6 to 10 seconds to scan your resume, understanding who you are and what value you could bring to the company. The main job here – to impress and attract hiring manager’s attention.

Be concise. Start your resume with some 2-4 sentences, describing your relevant experience and what are you looking for on the new position.

Bold your achievements. Hiring managers are not searching machines and if you want to attract their attention on some facts. it’s better to bold. The color and font should be the same.

No paragraphs, use bullets. It’s really hard to read them, compared to bullets, which would structure all the information.

No college experience, let’s limit to some 3-5 last projects you participate in, There is no need to involve hiring managers to that.

Want rank high in gatekeeper system? Remember to use some keywords, that hiring managers would trying to add to search field. Don’t know them? Usually they are searching by 2016 resume skills. So, it’s better to include them into your 2016 resume.

If you still think that it would not help you to land the job, you are looking for – it’s a really big mistake, because resume writing tips 2016 are useful and we know it. Believe and do – 2 key things would help you to get your job! Never give up.


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