What resume 2016 format to use for E-mail apply

What resume 2016 format to use for E-mail apply

Many years ago, job seekers used a huge vary of different resume 2016 formats. Most likely they were old and were created as a plain text or in 98 or even 95 MS Word. It was an age, where technologies were not so progressive and MS Word was not allowed us to cover all the resume formatting needs, we could do now.

resume format 2016 tips

How to format your resume in 2016 to get a job

Lots of companies nowadays are using ATS systems to sort the candidates and deliver only the most relevant to vacant position candidates. That’s how the market was changed and that about what resume format 2016 is better to attach to your e-mail or apply forma on a job site.
Today we would are going to understand what rules you should follow to improve your chances or better say – not to lose your chances to be considered for a vacant position. Because the main goal you need to reach is to be invited for an interview. And go through all the ATS and recruitment processes.

Does It Important To Send Your Resume In Word Format?

It was a huge dilemma in 2010’s, when ATS systems were not so clever and progressive and were not able to recognize all your document, even more if it was sent in .pdf format. Since that time job seekers started to writing a resume s using colored and attractive resume templates, which helped them to attract hiring manager’s attention. If we’re talking about what resume format is better to use: .pdf or .docx (.doc) – now it doesn’t matter which one would you choose from the recognition aspect. But it’s important to remember that Word resume templates are more likely by the human resource managers.

What Word Resume Format Is Better To Use?

Try to use .docx file extension saving your resume in MS Word. More and more hiring managers are using the latest MS WORD versions and are more likely to open such file. But even you use ,doc, it’s a problem at all – latest versions of MS Words could easily convert it to the format they need to consider your resume. Another fact is – resumes which were saved as .pdf files are also could be recognized by ATS systems. So, if you would like to show creative resume or just like to save your resume in PDF – it’s not a problem as well in 2016.

Should I Convert My Resume 2016 In Any Other Formats?

You can do that, but it’s solely up to you. According to the latest resume writing trends, more and more candidates are writing their resume in Word. But if you are designer and would like to show your portfolio – you don’t need to convert your resume into some other formats.
Anyway, the biggest value of your resume – is in your resume. And if you would like to get your job this year, bring more attention to the content of your resume, and not to resume format.

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