What is good resume format 2016 example?

What should you include in your resume 2016?

There are tons of different resume formats and templates, but the main question is: how to win the competition, including to your resume format 2016 only the information, hiring managers would like to see to get you a call? Let’s see what information it’s better to include and where it’s better to be more attentive, tailoring your resume in 2016.

Useful tips about resume format 2016 content:

resume tips 2016 what to include to resume

There is one rule for all resumes  – try to avoid such problem themes in your resume like: politic, religion and others. You don’t know your potential employer. Do you know him well? We don’t think so, so it’s better to not include. It would be really pity if hiring manager would take it in negative light.

resume tips 2016 what to include to resume

What is your main accomplishments you could present to your employer? Why do you think he should invite you and have a talk with you? Why do you think you could be interesting and useful for the company?

Try to write a comprehensive summary, highlighting relevant skills and add all this information on the top of your resume. The reader must know how good you are. Try to sell yourself better.

resume tips 2016 what to include to resume

Your name and the last name should be big enough. Remember it, crafting your using proper resume format 2016. Even though, feel free to use bold caps, to highlight it. Hiring manager should not spend time trying to understand whose resume is that. There shouldn’t be a mess. Each block should have headings. If you’re hesitant about how should it looks like, see resume formats 2016 here. If you definitely know what format to use, see 2016 resume templates to impress hiring manager.

What not to include to your resume format 2016

resume tips 2016 what to include to resume

It’s not a good idea to add word “resume” or “CV” just at the top of your resume near you name. It would show that you are unprofessional. Just don’t do it!

Generic objective or summary would not add you chances to get employed. Hiring managers are looking for individuals and not for those, who can’t write 3-5 sentences about themselves. Problem here? Read here how to write a resume summary!

Salary expectations. Adding such information, you are highlighting that money is much important for you than career growth or self-development.

Why you have decided to change the current position? Wait and you will answer this question at interview. It’s not necessary to add reasons to your resume!

References. Oh, don’t add them. Just make sure, you can provide upon request if it would be really needed.

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