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It’s not a discovery and it’s obvious fact that if your resume 2016 is easy to read – you have more chances to get a job this year. Hiring managers are busy people and when they see not structured resume or this resume is hard to read and navigate, be sure – they would skip it. That’s why so many candidates with good profile are sometimes do not get their jobs. It would be pity, if you see that you are the candidate they are looking for, but suddenly they do not get back and there is a silence. And why?

best resume tips 2016

What tips you should follow to get the job in 2016

There were too many debates about resume templates and formats. Which one you should choose and when it’s better to choose. But today we would like to talk about simple resume formatting rules, which could increase chances for your resume to be read. You should remember the one main rule: If your resume is hard to read, doesn’t matter what format it is – most likely you would lose your chance. What should you do? We have prepared some useful tips, which would help you to get your resume easy to read and formatted, according to the latest resume trends.

Resume 2016 Formatting Tips

So, below you would see the easiest resume 2016 formatting tips, which would help you to edit your resume the way hiring managers would like to read it.

Resume font size. As you know, hiring managers hates small fonts. Some candidates using 8 or even 7 font size. It’s not a good idea if you would like them to read yor resume. The best choice is 11 or even 12 font size if you want to get an easy to read resume. Smaller – it’s not a good idea. You could be in a danger zone, when hiring manager could easily move your resume to trash pile.

Most important – bold and 14-18 point. It’s really important to place the most important information at the top of your resume and make it bold. Remember – recruiters start reading your resume from the top, and if you want to attract their attention, it’s better to do that from the beginning.

Black font color on white background. It’s the most common and important rule, especially for those candidates, who prefer to use colored resume templates. It could be fancy and cute, but you should show how professional you are. That’s why black color is your best color, when you’re choosing a font color for your resume 2016.

Using two-page or one-page. Really, there were tons of articles written about this problem and to be honest – there are no strict rules, what format is better to use. It solely depends on your content. If you feel that you have enough information to for two pages – it’s up to you. But if you would decide to vague your resume only because two-page resume format looks more solid – it’s not a good idea.

Using such resume formatting tips above, you could do HR’s life much easier only because you save and respect their time. Use them and get employed this year!

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