Tips to Find an Internship in 2016

What do you know about internships? Most of fresh grads find out it funny and considering them as an additional opportunity to gain more experience and get some money.

Anyway, any internship program – it’s a huge experience, that would help you not only get some money, but would teach you on how to negotiate with employer, solve your first issues and many more. Today we decided to prepare some tips, that could help you to find internship programs.

1. Let’s try non-traditional approach

College students are so predictable, so when you would start talking about internship program, they would offer you to visit such resources like:

It’s a really good way to start your search with such resources, but remember – competition there is really high and you would face the same problem – tons of other candidates would wait their turn near the door, waiting for an interview. Most likely, it’s really hard, because after you finished your college – you dont have enough skills to compete with others (most likely the same, as you are fresh grads)

So, what is non-traditional approach? Try to find other search approach, which freshers find more borring and not interesting. We dont know why, because in some cases it brings more results than tradidtional one.

  1. Tap into some social networks where you could find your colledge professors or other teacher, Usually they knows more about such programs and would be glad to help you.
  2. Ask your family (mom or dad) if they have some alike opportunities on their place of work.
  3. Use Linkedin (they usually post some internship programs)

Dont be shy, ask your friends, neighbors or ex-colleagues.

2. Ideal internship (Imagine it)

Before you will start your search, it’s really important to understand what do you want to do and what kind of issues you would like to solve. It’s really important! Try to create a small road-map of your own internship plan including some points like:

  • What skills you would like to improve
  • What company it’s better to be (area)
  • How do you see your performance review

These and some other questions would help you to understand your aim better. You should be ready for the day, when HR would call you and invite for an interview. Such road-map in your head would help you to answer the questions better.

3. Try smth different

It’s really cool when fresh graduated student are able to find the job they dream on, but in some cases it’s really hard to do. You  should not give up , and need to try some other professions. If they would offer you interesting internship, feel free to try it. Anyway you would find something new for yourself.

4. Split your activities

It’s really important to split your activities and be ready to monitor internship market on the daily basis. Friends, family, exams and other rush – it’s one part of your life. Internship hunting – it’s another one. You should be able to pay enough attention to both parts of your life.

Good tips here:

  • Create separate mailbox for internship activity
  • Leave your skype contacts
  • Monitor them daily

Remember – there could be just one chance!

5. Prepare your resume resume

Good resume could increase your chances. You should be ready to send your resume if hiring manager would ask you. In some cases you need to do that as fast as possible. So, if you don’t have your resume already written, it’s a good time to write it down. Don’t know how? Here are some good advises on how you could write a resume in 2016.

6. Alternative methods

In some cases, looks like you cant find a good internship program, but you should not give up. We have prepared another good article, where you could find another good opportunities on how to get the jobs for school leavers in 2016.

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