The best way to find a job in 2016

It’s not a small story, we’re talking about reality. Each of us somehow felt what is to be laid off, because of lay-off or any other reason. The first thing you do is trying not to think about it, but in some time, you understand that you need to come up with what are you going to do next. Because we both understand that money are not produced from air and you need to boost your search or relax before you would start..

how to find job in 2016

Anyway, rent and insurance bills are piling up and looks like you would need to watch TV in your mom’s house and find some hot spots in some cafes, because you can’t afford it now to cover all this expenses. So, what should you do next? Seems like you have just only one month to find your job and it’s going to be a hard month.

New TV show: To be hired in 30 days

It’s really a hard feeling, when you understand that you have no way back or some other alternative variants. All you need to do is just to stop panic and hammer out a good scheduled plan on what are you going to do next month.

how to get job fast 2016

Get hired plan 2016 here:

  1. Create a winning resume 2016, using a professional resume format 2016. Choose the best resume format 2016, which would suit you the best and would cover all your needs. No need to use some paid services – create resume on your own.
  2. Resume template matters in 2016. If you want to get your job, you should attract hiring manager attention. Don’t know how? See the best resume templates 2016 and pick some, which you would like the most.
  3. Target on relevant positions only. You have less chances to get employed, if your skills and accomplishments are not relevant to the position you have already applied for. Stop applying for all positions you would find. Choose > measure your chances > target resume > apply.
  4. Find recruiters on LinkedIn and ask them if them have some vacant positions, that would be interesting for you as well. Anyway, they would add you to their database, so it’s another good chance to get employed soon.
  5. Win ATS. Do you know what does ATS means? It’s applicant tracking system. Such thing recruiters use to sort candidates by relevance to make their job easier. How does it work? It find matches by keywords for some position. For example if you are sales manager and looking for a sales manager position, it’s better to add some skill, which are relevant for sales manager. See more resume trends 2016 here.
  6. Cover letter is another one huge KEY to success. Want to impress your reader with an outstanding cover letter 2016? See how to write it here and use a small trick. Small trick: Visit company’s website, grab “About us” text and paste it to “Wordle” or any other  tag generation tools. Find relevant keywords and key phrases to use them in your cover letter.
  7. LinkedIn profile – another good channel to find a job fast. Keep it updated. If you didnt update it for a quite long time – you should do it #1. Hiring managers get their money, when they found good candidates. LinkedIn – is one of the largest sources for hiring manager to find candidates, they are looking for.
  8. Expand your contact list and get new connections. Change your status to: “Looking for new opportunities”. Ask your ex-colleagues to endorse you.
  9. Old friends? Where they are? Let’s try to find them on LinkedIn or Facebook. Another good way to drink beer and ask for any opportunity.
  10. Plan your day. You should know what are you going to do today, what goals are you going to reach today and what outcome is going to be. Plan and reach your goals.

So, above are 10 good tips on how to boost your job search in 2016 and how to find the job you dream on in 30 day. If you don’t believe if it’s possible, stop thinking – just try.

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