Skype interview tips 2016

According to the recent researches, more and more employers between 25 and 40 years old pay more attention to the position that requires relocation to some other city or state. On one hand this means – you have too much competitors from other states, on the other hand you have really many opportunities not only in US, but around the world.

Positions are growing and it’s not convenient to visit some other cities or states just only for a job interview. That’s why skype interviews are more popular day to day. The most interesting fact is: Really huge percent of interviewees with an outstanding resume 2016 already written feel more pressure due a Skype interview then they have in-office interview. More interesting thing is – the questions and the way hiring manager talk to the candidate are the same.

How to be prepared for a skype job interview in 2016

Step 1. Prepare your resume written in proper resume format 2016, according to the latest resume trends. Just put it near your laptop and be ready to approve some facts. Be sure, hiring manager would try to catch you. You should be ready for that.  

Step 2. Good internet connection.

If you’re not sure about internet connection, there is no reason to approve a skype call with your potential employer. The main problem here is – pure upload speed could ruin your chances to get the job you dream on. Even good resume 2016 would not help you to impress your hiring manager. Before you would accept an invitation, make sure twice that internet speed would allow you to start and finish skype call without any troubles.

If you can’t find some places outside, just go home and do it.

Step 3. Try to talk while you stand.

For some people it’s really hard to sit in front of the  screen with the camera switched on. The feel uncomfortable and it affects on the skype interview in general. We don’t know why, but it really works.

What should you do, is just to try to talk with somebody when you’re sitting and while you stand. In most cases, people who stand – feels more confident, than those who sits in front of the monitor.

Also, it’s a good thing to prepare a place where you would like to have a call. Why? Because you would feel more comfortable and you would not worry about dirty cup on your table or your girlfriend, drying her hair back to you.

Step 4. Make notes. Some hiring manager prefer to run pressured skype interviews, because they would like to feel on how you would act in hard situations and the way you could work under pressure. What should you do: Put your resume 2016 template in front of you. Figure out some numbers and key achievements. They must be highlighted in some colors, so you could easily switch to some other facts or number without losing your concentration.

creative resume format 2016

outstanding resume template 2016

And at the end. Skype interview is not an easy thing, but in some cases it’s really better to understand that you would not fit that position during a skype interview, rather spend your time on the road. Have  a good day and get employed!

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