Skills Based resume in 2016. Is that for you?

Skills Based resume or other format to choose?

The main goal of each resume is to sell yourself as the most appropriate person for the current company’s position. Most of candidates had never pay their attention on how to write their resume according to some positions. By the way, its good if you’re experienced one, but what should you do if you are just a fresher? Or if you’re looking for career change challenge? What kind of resume format would suit you the best..yeah, we do have answers on this questions for you!

Here is the answer: skills based resume would help you to solve this issue. You could ask why should i use skill-based format instead of using traditional resume writing approach? The one main reason here: skill-based resume is used to show all your skills at first and only then who you are and what is your backstage.

As we have already mentioned in our previous posts, most of recruiters are looking for a new employees with only some specific soft skills. And it could be a good bonus for you while you’re seeking for a new opportunities.

So, what is skill based resume 2016 ?

The main goal of skill-based resume is to focus on skills you do have, instead of your experience. Try to emphasize the most unique and important skills, instead of description your main responsibilities.

But, it’s still important to add your work history, but it should be placed under your skills block. It’s important.

Who should use skill based resume in 2016?

Here we’d like to classify some groups of employers, who have more chances to get their job using skill-based resume format instead of traditional resume format  or chronological resume format. A good example of such group of employers could be:

Job seeker, who has a very short or better say limited job history, without any achievements

Job seekers, whose main responsibilities are not so close to the announced position description and you have a huge desire to get this job

If this to sentences is not about you, please see next one’s below, maybe you could find something about you here:

  • 3+ short-terms positions (less than 3 months each)
  • It was your first serious job (i.e – internship)
  • You do have 1+ year gap in your work history cuz of specific circumstances
  •  You tired of all and make decision to change an industry
  • Tired of freelance and decided to change your home to full-time office job
  • You’re junior specialist and looking for a new opportunities

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