Resume template 2016 – How to choose resume template?

Choosing resume template in 2016 is not an easy task!

Most of employees doubting about which resume template to choose writing their resumes in 2016. Nowadays there are tons of different resume templates and the main problem here – to combine your resume format with the proper template.

Some hiring managers don’t like resume templates, because they think resume should be clean and white&black. But it’s not in 2016. We’re talking about high competition. How do you think which resume would attract more attention: black&white or more professional-look colored? You’re right, the second one.

So, which resume template 2016 to choose?

Before choosing a template, let us tell you some words about professional resume formats. Before you start working on you template, you should organize your information proper way.

Basically, there is a small tree, which includes three main branches of resume formats:

Chronological: Shows all your employment history and education. It’s the most used professional resume format 2016. Hiring managers love it, because they could easily understand who you are and if you could fit the vacant position.  Some career guru also call it “reverse chronological format”.

Functional or so-called “skills-based resume format” is used when you want to highlight your hard and soft skills rather than provide your reader with detailed work history. Widely used by employees, who had some work history gaps or by those, who decide to change the position.

Combination or Hybrid resume format. It’s a mix of both resume formats above. Most likely used by over 40% job seekers.

I need resume template 2016. Help me!

Keep calm! We have prepared a list of 20 the best resume templates 2016 and you could see it here.  Before you choose the one you need, make sure your choose proper resume format, download it and edit. Before submitting your resume, PLEASE, make sure you checked your resume for spelling and grammar mistakes. Don’t let hiring managers to reject your resume because of your attentiveness.

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