Resume styles 2016. How to choose the best one?

Resume styles 2016 are so different

Sometimes it’s really hard to understand what resume you would like to get in final result. And it’s really important to identify that not on the final stage. The main goal of any resume style 2016 – any of them – to help you get your job.

According to some statistic- on average hiring manager spend 6 seconds to scan your resume. If you want to attract hiring manager’s attention, you should wonder them or show them something unusual. Want to show them some creative templates? Or you would like to format your resume in some creative way, why not? Or something else? There is only the one thing  – your resume style 2016 should be easy to read and find the information reader is looking for.

What is good resume style and what to keep

The main question here is: “What should I include in my resume and what style should I pick as template?” It’s not a problem to use some creative resume templates if you’re creative person and looking for designer or UI/UX position. But if you’re looking for some non-creative positions like sales manager or product manager, it’s better to use some standard guidelines to stylish your resume.

What are these guidelines:

#1. Resume fonts. Stop using some creative or hard to reading fonts in your resume. You should use fonts like Georgia or Times New Roman. Don’t use comic sans – if you’re looking for a serious position)

Small tip. It’s really not a good idea to mix some fonts in one resume. If you decided to use only on – you should use only one till you will finish writing your resume.

#2. How should they reach you. You should format your resume, so employers could see your contact information on the top of your resume.

#3. What is your name. According to the latests trends in resume format 2016, your first name and last name should be on the top of your resume and be easy to find by reader.

#4. Target your skills. Want to get as much calls as possible?  Try to target your skills for each position you would like to apply. It’s a really good practice.

#5. Experience. Resume format 2016 – should include relevant experience and positioning. Stop writing all your experience. Only relevant to the position you are going to apply for.

#6. Education. Propper resume style 2016 – includes education after experience block.

Ok, now you know something about what you should add to your resume 2016 format. Want to see some really creative resumes? Here they are!

Resume sample 2016 Resume sample 2016 Resume sample 2016 Resume sample 2016 Resume sample 2016 Resume sample 2016

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