Resume examples 2016 for teens: Hot tips to win!

Looks like you’re ready to earn your first money or your parents are not ready to pay your party bills or smth like that. It’s a good time to think about your first job, aren’t you? Looks like – that’s true! So, the first thing you should do is to write your resume in 2016. But what are you going to include there if you haven’t had any relevant experience. Or in most cases – there were any work experience. What should you do?

You shouldn’t be upset, because it’s your first job and hiring managers are not really strict to students. Anyway – your resume template should be outstanding. You should standout from a crowd of other teens and get your job.

Some tips to write a good resume for high schools students in 2016

List of things to include. Before you start writing your resume, create a concise list of things you would like to include to your resume. What kinds of things it should be: last achievements, hobbies, relevant or any experience, available hours and so on.

Resume should be concise. Some hiring managers say that student resume format in 2016 should include anythings. They think so, but its not about latest resume writing trends this year. Hiring managers are busy people and if we’re talking about some junior (college) positions – it’s your interest to help them hire you. How you could help them? Use one-page resume format and make your resume clean.

Attract attention. How outstanding resume template or creative resume format could help you to land the job? There is just one answer – easy! Providing to employer creative resume layout – you show him how non-standard person you are, demonstrating to them you interesting and creative approach. By the way, you would attract more attention to your candidacy, comparing to other candidates, who would like to use black&white resume template.

Any work experience. Don’t hesitate to include any experience to your college resume 2016. Your potential employer is looking for well-performed person, who can cope with any job in any time, if you would like to do it.

Approach to work. Remember to highlight some your strengths. Show your hiring manager how good you are in some areas in college. For example if you attending some volunteer events, it’s better to show that you can cope with any task well and with really serious approach.

Resume skills. One of the most important thing if we’re talking about how to format student resume in 2016. Now hiring managers are looking for skills at first, only than what you did and how. All companies are looking for skills, because you could not have any relevant experience at so young age. Try to remember any skills you have gained at schools and include them into your resume.

Read twice before send. The one of the most often mistakes – schools leavers or students are never proofread their resume and wondering why hiring managers didn’t get back to them. Eh, the problem is – if you even cant avoid grammar or spelling mistakes in your resume, why do they need to consider your resume to some positions?

Have a look other resume samples. Don’t you think your resume is the best? We hope so, but try to think wider. Use LinkedIn to see some other resume examples, maybe you could find some useful data to add to your resume as well.

High School Student Resume Examples 2016

Good resume is half of the things done. Remember – resume is the first thing your potential employer see, before they’re going to make a decision whether to invite you for an interview or not. See some of the best student resume examples 2016 and maybe you would find something for your resume.

student resume sample 2016 college resume example 2016

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