Resume 2016 lenght: Mythsbusters

Any resume 2016 should reflect the most important information about the candidate, his level of expertise and his attitude to work. Due to these fact, many candidates started to write resumes too long or too short. At the same time, recruiters started to talk about what resume length is good and what is not.

Resume 2016 myths

Resume myths we’d like to bust this year

Approximately ten years ago, hiring managers started to talk about resume length and how it reflect on your chances to be invited for an interview or what does hiring manager think, reading a ten pages resume or much time do they spend trying to find different blocks in your resume.

While there are no rules about how long your resume should: one page or two pages. There are only specific resume 2016  formats, which could help you to out-stand your candidacy from a crowd. But today we’re going to talk about the most common myths about resume lengths.

It’s hard to believe, but many of job seekers are still hesitant about some information below:


If you would like to your resume to be considered by a hiring manager – it should be not more than one page. In other way, HR would not spend time reading your resume, because they are too busy people and has tons of other candidates, whose resume is one-paged format.


Some job seekers do believe that three pages is the required minimum of pages of your resume if want to show your experience and professional background in a specific fields. Also they believe that resumes less than three pages are not professionally written and not so attractive.

Interesting points of view, but like tons of different myths they were bases on some legends or real cases happened with some candidates. Maybe it was their real life cases, maybe it was their own investigations. But now it doesn’t matter. Now we would like to talk about real facts and how it works from the HR’s side. What do they do and how they do it.


One page resume format is really the most used format by many job seekers in US, But there are no rules or requirements by any company that your resume should be not more than one page. If so, what are you going to say about federal resume format or about academic resume format? In some cases they are more than 10 pages.

HR’s are looking for skills, achievement and relevant experience at first. If your resume in two page – do you still think they would not consider your resume if you are 100% the candidate they are looking for?


When hiring manager find a three page resume in his/her mailbox, the first thing they do – they are trying to find your achievements block. Even More, if you use a chronological resume format, it would be easy to understand your age, and as you know it would be more hard to find a job if you are 60+.

Looks like it’s not true. If you would like to use three or more page resume – it’s up to you. But try to include the most relevant and valuable block at the top of your resume on the first page.

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