Resume 2016: How to improve response

Crafting your resume 2016, the main goal you want to reach is to get an invitation for an interview. This is our aim and today we would like to talk about some resume writing strategies, which would help you to get a call and maybe it would help you to get a job.

Outstanding Cover letter and tailored resume

Did you know that the the highest response rate has the resume, which are targeted for a job ads. Why so? It’s simple – hiring managers are busy people and while they are considering tons of candidates, who are not the best for the announced position – they are more targeted to find a candidate, whose specialty and experience are the most relevant.

Resume 2016 optimized

How to get a call from a hiring manager fast in 2016

What should you do to write a tailored resume:

  • Read job ad carefully and understand if it’s possible to target your resume for this position
  • Visit corporate website and find out specific words (which you could use in your resume) to show you are on the same page
  • Use professional resume template to impress your reader

Cover letter – it would impress first

Did you know that resumes with cover letters has more chances to be considered than other resumes. Why? It’s not a magic, it’s a psychology. We saw some cases when candidates, even less experienced were invited for an interview only because their cover letter was so creative and earnestly.

How it works: When you apply for a specific position – the first thing hiring manager see is your cover letter. If you have enough creativity – you could do a magic things with recruiters.

Accomplishment – they show your success

Some HR’s are not looking the whole resume and the only one thing they would like to see in your resume – it’s your accomplishments block. They think that only this block could show they how well you are and what value you could bring if they would hire you on this position.
And they are right. But there are some tips on how you can improve this block to show that you are really extra-quality specialists.

Here they are:

  • Stop writing vague words like: increased, raised, improved, set..
  • Show facts in figures: if you improved something, show how well you did it (use numbers and percents)
  • It’s not a good idea to lie here, because any recruiter could check it calling to your ex-employer

Tailored resume is not ATS-optimized

Another huge problem of many candidates is – they are trying to overstaff their resume with tons of keywords, which are sometimes too vague and means nothing.

Remember – well-tailored resume should be crafted for a specific job ads, not for the machine, which would only try to find some words. The decision maker is a hiring manager, and you should write your resume for them.

Professionally made resume template 2016

When we’re talking about an outstanding resume – resume 2016 template is a good way to attract hiring manager attention. There are too many debates about what resume template should be, but we do believe:

“It should help you to get an interview and land the job this year”

So, feel free to do experiments and try to use even some templates and find those, which would bring you as much calls as it possible. Doesn’t matter who you are and what level of expertise do you have, any of us could improve responses. All you need to do is follow our advices and be ready to do experiments.

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