Resume 2016 Format – How to pick

What is the first thing you start with when we’re talking about how to get a job in 2016? Yes, you know the answer it’s your resume. Nobody would even consider your candidacy if you don’t have your resume already written and formatted according to the latest rules. Do you need any help on how to pick the right resume format and get your job today? We guess – you should know how to format your resume. It’s really important to use the right resume format in 2016 for several reasons:

The main reason

Your resume should make a really strong impression on a reader. And who is going to read it? Right, hiring manager, who is going to make a decision based on well-structured data in your resume and how well it was written. It’s really important to impress, that’s why – use creative or non-standard resume templates to attract their attention.

What else?

Remember! HR is not the first, who is reading your resume. Before they do, ATS does it. Remember to add relevant keywords to your resume to win a competition. Why do we call it competition? Because there is no matter how well your resume was structured, if ATS recognised your resume as “bad to show to HR”. Read more here on how to craft your resume to be in “YES” pile.

Any tips?

First of all pay more attention on positioning in your resume. You should review or even change or edit spacing, fonts and margins if you see it’s really necessary to do. It’s important elements which would show your attitude to the things you do.

Best Resume Format – How To Select

There are too many approaches on how to select the best resume format 2016. All of them are based on what job you would like to get and what’s your current position level. Whether it were any employment gaps or not? And how to conceal them the best way from your hiring manager.

Select a resume Type

If we’re talking about classic resume formats, there are three main formats which used till our time and here they are:

Combination resume template

Functional resume template

Chronological resume template

Based on your level and what information you would like to highlight, choose the one you need and customize it.

What is a good resume template to use

Next and no less important thing is that you need to pick a right resume template for your resume. White&Black is not in trend now. So, if you would like to get the most attractive and “meaty” templates – see here.

What should i do next?

We strongly recommending you to read our tips to fix some gaps in your resume, so it would looks more professional and interesting to potential employer.


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