Resume 2016: Download Resume Templates in Word

It’s hard to believe, but choosing a professionally written resume 2016 is not an easy process, Moreover you need to understand what resume format are you need to choose and what job you would like to have at the end result. According to the latest resume writing trends, job applicants are lazy and don’t want to write resumes on their own. That’s why a rising of new era begin, And it’s not about resume writing services, where you need to spend over $100 bucks and you even don’t know what quality you would get. Today we’re going to talk about professionally made free resume templates in MS Word format.

Why it’s easy to download resume template word? Some candidates are still doubt about if it’s safety to download resume templates free in word. It is safety to do that from our website and today we would like to share another part or free to download resume templates word.


How to choose and download resume template: Useful Tips

  1. First of all, you need to understand what resume 2016 format you need and whether it would cover all your needs. Once you end up with choosing a proper resume format, it’s good time to think about resume template. Remember that if you would like to attract hiring managers attention, you need to pick an appropriate resume template. You have about 20 seconds to catch your reader and you need to keep it in your mind.
  2. Does it have professional formatting? It’s really important to understand that your resume 2016 should be not only well-written, but use professional resume formatting rules.

Here are some advice’s on how you could check it:

  • Resume fonts are between 9pt and 12pt.
  • Fancy fonts are not used in your resume
  • All the resume blocks are in your resume, according to the format
  • Contact details are at the top of your resume

3. Choosing free resume template in word format – it’s a good idea to attract your attention not only to the template, but it’s a good idea to download and have a look what’s inside. It’s easy – all you need to do is just download the right template and open it using you MS Word.

4. Resume blocks. Once you have already download resume 2016 in word format, it’s important to check the blocks positioning, according to the format you have chose. If you downloaded functional resume template and can’t find skills block there, it’s better to not use such resume format and try to find more.

At the end we would like to suggest you some useful tips on how to avoid stupid situations with resume templates downloaded online. The first and the most important rule you should follow – check downloaded resume template for spelling and grammar mistakes. Watch the dates writer used overwriting experience block and try to save it new MS Word file to delete the document author name.
Anyway, your resume is your key to your new job. And you should remember that it is your marketing material, which could help you to land the job in 2016.

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