Professional resume template 2016. Guidelines

Does your resume template 2016 looks professional?

Here we would like to talk about some differences between well-written resume and professional resume in 2016. Most of employees are looking for some creative resume templates to attract more attention to their candidacy instead of emphasize their professional skills and craft their resume according to the up to date professional resume standards.

Creative resume templates – for creative employees. Professional resume  templates – for good specialists!

First of all – you are job seeker and you should think like a person, who would like to get a job quickly and be ready for an interview. But, when you crafting your resume, you should remember some things are really irritating you prospective employer, when they are looking through your resume. So, how to avoid that? What should you add and what kind of information its better to omit?

TOP 11 things in your professional resume template 2016

  1. Your resume 2016 should be brief and without too much details. No need to write 3+ pages describing how good you were in college, party awards and so on. Two main blocks recruiters look first are: education and experience.
  2. Hey, what is your name? As we mentioned in our previous posts, head hunter spent 6 seconds to define who you are. AND that the reason why your name should be biggest item with a bold font on the page
  3. Phone number. Try to do it easy find. Do not let your potential employer to find it.
  4. Use reverse data order, describing your work history. So, the last one place of working is the first one.
  5. Short summary above each place of working. Help your featured employer to understand what you did there and what was your main responsibilities
  6. Vague statements is not good to use. Try to avoid them as much as possible. There is no trust in such words like: huge, nearly, around and so on..
  7. Hobbies is better to not include to your professional resume template 2016. Its better to name them while an interview.
  8. Resume layout 2016. Do not overload it with a graphic elements. Its better to keep it white with some lines or blocks as a separator elements.
  9. Remember to check all the spelling mistakes before you’ll save your draft on your PC. It’s important to do!
  10. It’s better to duplicate your name and phone number on all the pages.
  11. References is better to do on a separate page.

We named the main things you follow crafting your resume template 2016, before sending it to your potential employer.

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