Professional resume format 2016

How to get a job, crafting your professional resume format 2016

Most of job seekers do the same mistake, they don’t think alike hiring managers do. Do not do the same mistake! Doest matter how many time you’ll spend to create your eye-catching resume today or tomorrow, we’re going to reach the one goal – get the job!

That’s why we decided to create 9 steps guide you should follow, creating your resume, according to professional resume format 2016 best practices. So, let’s start!

1st Step: Let’s find a job

Before you’ll start writing your resume, do a research. It’s very important to understand what skill are required to the job position you’d like to get. And it’s better to do before you start writing your resume.

 What should I start with?

Job Search
job title, keywords, company, location
jobs by

job search

When the search result come up, see more about positions you’re looking for. Read more about skills required, define the information, which could be useful for you. Remember it, or write it down somewhere.

Before we’ll move on to the next step, please prepare a list of keywords for the position you’re going to apply for.

Step 2. Create a keyword list

Before you’ll start crafting your resume 2016 using professional resume format 2016 it an important thing to create keyword list. Why it’s necessary to do?

First of all, when you submit your resume, it’s added to a special database hiring managers use to assess candidates. Do you want to be in top by some Keywords? If yes – do it!

So, how internal resume search engine works?

1. It pulls up all the submitted resumes into databases

2. Search engine count the number of Keywords

3. Suggest some candidates to hiring manager

Using professional resume format 2016, your main goal is – to be on the top (it’s alike a google search engine, but not so intelligent)

List 15-30 keywords you would like to add to your resume. Try to use them in your career objective or summary. But do not overstaff.

Step 3. Professional resume format 2016

It’s time to think about what should be in your resume 2016. You already knew about some tricks with the Keywords, so it’s time to write your resume using professional resume format.

There’re many other formats you could choose, but lets talk now about professional resume format.


What should you include (main structure)?


Open with a clear and strong headline. Hiring manager don’t have time to think who you are. If you would like to get executive positions, name them: Chief Executive Officer of Chief Technical Officer or else relevant to your working experience


The common mistake here – job seekers trying to overwrite their main responsibilities here. It’s not correct. Write 4-5 outstanding sentences, describing why you’re the best. Add numbers. If you increased some KPIs it’s better to add. Hiring managers believe in something measurable, not just words.

Skills and responsibilities

No need to name all the skills. Just relevant to the position you are applying for. 10-12 is a good number. Some freshers like to add all of them, and it’s okay for just graduated applicants. But if you’re going to get more senior position, demonstrate more smart approach.


Use chronological order. The main idea here is to not overwhelm the hiring managers, but at the same time provide with a clear understanding what was your main responsibilities and what was your achievements on the current position.

Education and certificates

Provide your reader with clear information.

Degree – Date

No need to include irrelevant certificates, which are not necessary.

Step 4. Resume header

It’s the one of the most important things in your professional resume format 2016.

Resume Name and Last Name

Hiring managers reading tons of resumes during their working day. If you want to stand out from the mass, your name and last name should be the largest block in your resume. Use 24 font or higher and do not use italic, it’s harder to read.


Name the street.

Phone Number

The best choice is to leave just one phone number. Do not leave more than 2. Be sure you can pick up your phone anytime you get the call. In other way, you’ll miss your chance and hiring manager will going to call to somebody else who is ready to discuss some details.

Email address

The most common mistake here – some job seekers add their working email addresses. Never do it. Personal emails only!


Useful tip

Create a spreadsheet and name all the company’s you sent your resume to. It would be much easier to understand what salary expectations you have announced and manage your contacts.

We do believe some of these steps above on how to use professional resume format 2016 could be useful for you. Come back soon and see more professional resume format samples!

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