New resume format 2016. 7 must have things!

1. Open your resume

2. Read it twice and follow the next 7 advices below.

You need to make a good impression to a hiring manager and help him/her understand who you are and whether your resume is relevant to a vacant position.

New resume format 2016

resume format 2016

New resume format 2016

resume format 2016

New resume format 2016 guidelines

Before you start reading guidelines below, open your resume, look briefly and try to follow such advises. Believe us, it would increase your chances to get your job.

New resume format 2016

resume format 2016

New resume format 2016

resume format 2016

1. Keywords

Avoid generalized keywords in your resume. Even you have used some resume tools to create your resume, download it in doc or docx format and try to use more tailored keywords.

Try to create some 2 or 4 your resumes tailored for different positions you’re seeking for. It’s very important to have some keywords from the position you’re applying to, appears in your skills or resume summary.

2. Concise

Respect hiring manager’s time. No need to add as much information as you can. No need to name all your previous employers. One-page resume format is ideal to show all your relevant experience and work history. If hiring manager will be interested he would call you and ask some questions to clarify some details. New resume format 2016 trend is: do not overwhelm recruiter. Let him/her call you back and get the first touch with you.

3. Social media profiles

Most of job seekers share their social media profiles before checking what’s inside. We don’t think it would be a good call for hiring manager to see some photos how you waste your time on previous place of working or some college party.

If you want to share smth – share your linkedIn profile. It will show your relevant interests, achievements and will show the whole picture on who you are.

4. QR code

It’s a quite new approach, but if you’re seeking for some tech opportunities, it’s better to show you follow the last trends. Why should you do that?

a) Let hiring manager see you are proactive and follow the latest trends and know how to attract attention.

b) Recruiters are busy people. Wanna to leave just a link to your portfolio. We can bet, less than 30% would open it. Leave QR code (be sure, they’re using QR scanners) and all of them would use their smartphones to see what’s there.

5. Add your weaknesses

More than 95% of candidates would like to omit that. But, we would like to share bad experience with your featured employer to avoid some bad situations.

It’s ok to add some of them, alike:

– “I’ve got problems with time-management”

– “Used to have issues with … delivery, because of”

If there was a wrestling with your boss, because he didn’t pay you enough, before you were laid off, it’s better to exclude.

6. Awards

New resume format 2016

resume format 2016

It’s really good thing inside your new resume format 2016. Add in relevant achievement and awards and show your potential employer your attitude to your main responsibilities on the previous place of working. Accomplishments – it’s a good signal for hiring managers!

7. Video resume

New resume format 2016

resume format 2016

You have never tried it? Here are some video instructions above. The one of the most effective and new resume format 2016 approach for job seekers to get a job. Why? Hiring manager doesn’t know who you are and if your self-presentation skills are not the myth you wrote about in your resume.

On the first stage you need to get a phone calls.  We can’t say you should follow all the guidelines, but using part of them would increase your chances to get your job!

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