LinkedIn 2016 Checklist

Crafting your resume 2016, you should remember about other resources on how you could promote your personal brand. And a really good place, where you could easily do that – it’s a LinkedIn. Today we’re going to talk about how this professional network could not only bring you a new job, but also promote your candidacy as a professional specialist. We have prepared a list of useful tips on how to build your profile and show viewers that you are the candidate who is ready to get job offers.

linedin profile development tips 2016


Like a google, LinkedIn to not tell how they sort candidates and keep it in secret. Looks like it’s their corporate secret. But we 100% know that using a keyword in your tagline would help you to get on the top. No need to add tons of keywords, but some of the are better to include.
Tagline is also know as a headline. It’s a good idea to not duplicate your job title. Try to add something new. It’s a good chance to optimize your LinkedIn profile with a new keywords.

Professional Photo

The one of the biggest mistake LinkedIn members do – irrelevant and unprofessional photo. Other members would not want to connect with you if you have unprofessional photo (from a party or lying on a beach). LinkedIn is a place for a high-level specialists and it’s not a social media project alike Facebook. Remember about that, uploading your photo separate your daily activities with a developing a professional account.
No need to pay money to get a professional picture. You can do it on your own without losing quality. Just ask somebody to make a photo, which looks professional.


The one of the most important block of your LinkedIn profile is – summary block. You should keep more attention to it. Summary block is the first thing hiring manager see in your profile, that’s why it should be achievement-oriented.
There is no need to show what you did on your previous places of working. Show what was done and what value you did bring to the company you worked in. It’s really important to show.

Summary & Experience

What do you know about profile optimization? Looks like not too much. That’s we would like to talk about summary and experience sections. They have got a huge potential to be optimized. Using the right keywords in these blocks, you can get good results and be on the 1st page if you would do everything right.

Sometimes, it’s better to be on the 1st page. You would have max view rate and hiring managers would share your profile to get a referral bonus. It’s a good tactic and in some cases it works well.

Skills & Endorsements

Skills are really important if you want to show your strength, moreover if they were endorsed by other LinkedIn members. It’s a good practice to add more skills to your profile, because for some hiring managers it’s a good understanding on how well you are.

LinkedIn profile and your resume

It’s really important to sync your LinkedIn profile and your resume. It’s really important highlight the most important information in your resume and transfer it to your profile. Remember to include a link to your linkedin profile to your written resume.

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