It resume samples 2016 (CTO)

it resume samples in 2016

It’s not an easy thing to a write an outstanding Information technology resume in 2016. As we can see, there are more and more it specialists and competition to get a good position is growing. 

If we’re talking about it resume templates or about resume writing for it position, there is a little bit different approach in resume writing. If you are IT project manager. it’s better to show your hard skills as time management or staff management and how good you can communicate with developers or designers and how well you could deliver the best solutions.

If you’re developer, doesn’t matter junior or middle, it’s better to say smth about what project are you looking for: high-loaded system or you’re seeking for some web platform to develop or smth else. Second – technologies you use to develop.

If you’re senior developer – no need to list all the technologies you know or read somewhere. If you use PHP or .NET – it’s ok to just name them,

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