Improve response rate sending your resume 2016

Sent thousands of resumes and nobody calls?

What is more effective and bring better results: To send thousands of resume daily to all the positions you have seen and you think hiring managers would like to invite you to an interview? OR It’s better to send just 1-3 resumes daily, crafting your resume 2016 for each position adding cover letters to impress the hiring manager?

Most of candidates are using the first one method above. They just create one resume using resume format 2016 and send it to all the positions.  You could ask: And what then? Why it shouldn’t work?

It would work, but its really tiny chance to land the job you’re looking for! So what is another approach we’d like to suggest you adjusting your resume 2016?

Targeted resume 2016 – increase response rate!

Instead of just send resume 2016  for some positions, it’s much better to do a research and find two or three positions fit you the most.  Adjust your 2016 resume for those positions and send. We’re not joking, average response rate for adjusted resumes in 2016 are 25%. What means each 4 resume you sent will bring you a call. So, are you still hesitant?

Frankly speaking, it’s not possible to adjust more than 3 resumes daily, if you want to do that really good. So, your approach of sending tons of resumes 2016 daily will probably bring you 1.5%-2% response rate and we’re not sure if hiring manager will invite you for an interview after a phone call.

Candidates tend to find a job positions they are “perfect for”

It’s true. Would you like to work as a bus driver if you’re Java developer or sales manager? We can assume – NO. The same thing about hiring managers. They get their money find only the best-fit candidates. If you’re not the best, sorry! What should you do? Help hiring manager to understand that you are the person they’re looking for. Adjust your resume 2016 and try to impress.

When you send fewer resumes, you spend more time for each part, like skills, achievements, bullets. Also you think what is the best resume format 2016 to choose for your resume in 2016 and how to write a killing resume.

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