How to write a resume 2016

Remember - your resume is a part of you. When you start writing your resume, you should open your notebook and try to create some sketches. Just try to create some notes, before you will start writing a professional resume in 2016.

Start your resume writing with an objective and try to include the most relevant and interesting information for your reader in two or three sentences. Remember – your resume is the document, which would help you to sell yourself and you should do your best to impress your reader.

the best resume writing tips 2016

What tips do you know about resume writing in 2016?

Now we’re going to share with you the most important resume writing tips in 2016. Following these rules you would increase your chances to be invited for a job interview or even more to get a job offer.

1) Use bullets in your resume

Resume is the same document as others, when we’re talking about document to read. When you would like to stress some details in your document, you use some formats or styles to highlight details.

According to some HR polls, using bullets in your resume – it’s more easy to find information in your resume. Bullets would help you to structure the most important information in your document and would help your reader to read it.

2) Action Words in resume – it’s not good!

Stop using action words. There are some reasons why you should not do that:

  1. First of all, hiring managers are not looking for job seekers, who do process, instead of results. If you want to show that you are result-oriented candidate, stop using words like: managed, monitored, presented or alike.
  2. Too many companies are using applicant tracking systems today. If you would like to see your resume on HR’s table – try to avoid general action words in your resume.

3) Show results, not processes

As we have already mentioned above, you should show your reader your accomplishments. It’s really important, because only seeing real results – is the fastest way to invite you for a job interview.

Always try to use numbers, percentages and compare results. Show numbers, do not show process of doing something.

4) Strengths – show why they should pick you

Professional hiring manager on average need up to 6 seconds to scan resume and understand if the candidate is relevant and interesting to continue and worth to spend time. When you are on the edge, it really important to strengthen your resume with some skills.

Some candidates using skills to highlight their strengths. It’s really good idea to do that, because in some cases it could play a crucial role. Some resume templates could help you stand out your skills upon your job history. If you need some skills-based resume, you should use functional resume template 2016.

If you you would like to consider other resume templates, feel free to download them and use them for your needs. We hope they would help you to prioritize and structure all the information included in your resume.

5) Think positive – be positive

Be professional – never write negative facts about your ex-employers. Even they do something negative to you.

Be positive. Now you are ready to start applying! Even they declined your resume or your candidacy, you should gain any experience.

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