How to Properly Format Your Resume 2016

What are the main questions you are trying to answer, when starting to write your resume or polishing it? There is just one goal you need to reach - to get your job. And you shouldn't be satisfied with any job they would like to offer you. You need to get the best job in 2016. What is the key to success here - outstanding and good written resume. Resume content and proper format are the main things that would bring you new job faster and with better results.

How to write a resume in 2016

So, what should you start with? Let’s try to understand what should you do and what are the first steps.

We can assume, that you have already surfed the web, trying to find tons of resume templates and this is good way to get some useful information for your resume 2016 as well. But, there are some common rules, we’d like you to follow:

Remember just 3 rules for any resume you will write or refresh:


Remember, your resume is not a cover letter, that’s why you should follow these three rules above. The main problem for the most of candidates is – they’re trying to include as much information to their resume as they could, and in some cases it’s a crucial mistake. You are not writing your resume for ATS machine, first of all you’re writing your resume for the person, who will make a decision. And the main goal here – to help them understand if you’re the right person that would help their business to grow up.

Why it’s important to use proper resume template?

All the candidates are different. Each of them has it’s own job history,  employment gaps, achievements and many other circumstances. That makes a direct impact on what resume template is better to use to highlight their candidacy in positive light.

That’s why we offer to scan what types of resume templates in 2016 are used the most. And which one is better to use in your case. We have our own base of free resume templates online and you can download any template in doc or docx format, to craft it.

Once you defined what resume template is the best for you, you need to download it and edit it, according to your needs. Remember – it’s only resume template, all the content should be yours. It’s really important to customize your resume and tailor it to the specific vacancy to get more chances.

How to format resume right

To many candidates asking the same questions daily. How to pick the best resume format and what should they do to attract more HR’s attention and in the same case – do not irritate reader with some fancy resume template or comic fonts. So, how to do it the best way and what is the best decision here?

Writing your resume, it’s really important to use the most used basic fonts, which are easy to read. Remember – at first your resume will read ATS, and only then Hiring manager. It would be a stupid thing if ATS would not recognize font used in your resume. Nobody could help you in that case.

The Best Resume Font to Use

As we have already mentioned above, more and more recruitment agencies using Applicant Tracking Systems to sort candidates and help staff to close positions faster. ATS – are machines and in some cases they cant recognize some custom fonts or images. Most of them could read PDF format, but still some issues happens.

But after ATS finished with sorting your resume, it’s in HR’s inbox folder, waiting fot consideration. And now it’s really important to let recruiter read your resume easily, without any additional efforts.

What are the best fonts to use in your resume 2016:

{Arial} | {Verdana} | {Calibri} | {Times New Roman}

What is the best font size to use in your resume 2016:

Between {10} to {12}

Selecting font for your resume, remember one thing – it’s really hard to stop yourself, when you select 9 or even 8 font size. Resist to this urge. We know, you’re trying to include as much as you can to your resume. But in some cases – it’s really bad idea, because it wouldn’t be possible to read your resume at all. Try to follow these tips about resume styles in 2016.

How long my resume should be?

It strictly depends on your level of expertise and job history. How good candidate you are and whether it would be possible to include all your experience in one page.

If you are just a fresh grad, there is no reason to create a two-page resume. One-page resume is more that enough.


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