How to convince employer in 2016?

When you have already quit your job, write your resume 2016 and seeking for new opportunities for a quite a long time, sometimes you’re thinking about middle or junior positions, just to fill the gap in your employment history, still looking for more senior or executive positions.

The main problem here: hiring managers understand that you are overqualified candidate for such junior position and they are trying to understand: If you really need this job to start your career from the scratch or you’re looking for temporary position and will leave as soon as will finds smth better.

Now we know the problem, let’s try to understand what should you do and how to convince hiring manager our your potential employer that you are the candidate they are looking for.

So what should you do or write in 2016 resume to win the competition?

Let’s start from the beginning.

Explain who you are and why do you need it

When you are not just a fresh grad and applying for not top management positions, hiring managers could not understand you right way. The best way on how you could explain your intentions is your cover letter. Try to explain that you’re not looking for a stop-gap.  Never try to hide your skills. It wouldn’t work. If they would invite you for an interview, they would understand who you are and would see it not in positive light.

Skills rules!

Crafting your resume 2016 is very important to show your skill set. Even you’re not the best candidate for this position and you think employer is looking for smbd less qualified, try to demonstrate your skills.

Make you resume 2016 clear

It’s important make you resume 2016 targeted and easy to read. There is no need to add all the positions, list all your working experience. Just 2-3 main skills for each positions and core achievements.

Find fast-growing sectors

Try to find fast-growing industries and then submit your resume 2016 there. It would increase your chances to get the job.

Anyway, try to find the job you want and do not spend your time trying to finds the place, where you would not feel satisfied.

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