How should you pick resume templates to get a call in 2016?

Today we would like to talk about resume templates and how it could help you to get a job in 2016. The main problem is: Applicants still think that resume 2016 could win the competition, even it was created in .txt document. Might be, by we still think – you have much more chances to get employed if HR would find your resume from the ton of other candidates.

what resume template 2016 to choose

What resume template 2016 you need to use

The main question here is: When should i use resume template (is it worth?) or it’s only irritating factor for the most of professional employers. Frankly, there are two sides to this debate: some hiring managers says that it’s unprofessional and hard to read. But at the same time most of recruiters says that creative resume template help them remember candidate and stand out them

So, let’s try to understand how does hiring manager think.

Hiring managers are looking for candidate, not for a template

When we’re talking whether to use colored or creative resume template in 2016, you should remember one thing – each recruiter, considering your resume judge your professional skills and achievements, but not how well your template was colored.

What is the main goal of any resume? Yes, to sell your candidacy the best way. So when your resume is clear to read and it’s well-organised and you are the candidate they are looking for – you have more chances to get this job even without professionally made resume template.

Only entry-level hiring manager would decline a professional candidate, only because his or her resume was not easy to read or candidate did not use template to highlight some blocks in resume.

Now, let’s try to understand in what cases it’s better to use colored/structured resume template and how it could help you to attract HR’s attention.

When resume templates 2016 works

Now let’s try to discuss another case. When you feel that your strong skill is – negotiation and you feel power to get a job offer during an interview. So, you try to get as much invitations as possible.

For example, you are looking for a well-paid job and your main goal is to be interviewed by the company you are looking for. You don’t have enough experience or accomplishments to include to your resume. And what are you going to do next – you are trying to find the way to stand out your resume from the mass. How you could do that? Creative resume template – it’s only the way in your case to attract more HR’s attention and increase your chances to be considered for vacant position.

So here are some tips on what should you do next:

  1. There is no need to create something unique. It’s easy to find free resume templates 2016 on the web or use ours here.
  2. Remember to modify your resume template after it was downloaded. Each block should be easy to read and creative.

How to modify resume template if you have lack of experience

In the most cases resume start from such blocks like “Summary” or “Objectives”. It’s not about you, if you have lack of experience or job history. Moreover, if you are just graduated – the one thing recruiter would like to see first – it’s your education.

What does it mean? Place your education block first, so reader could easily find it.  

Let’s sum up all the written above

First of all – you’ll save your time and money (in case you would like to use resume writing services).

To download outstanding resume template it’s not too hard, all you need to do is just modify it.

Use proper resume fonts, blocks and do your resume readable for all the people who would like to read it.


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