How 2016 resume should look like

What should you do to get a job in 2016

What should we do to a get a good job this year? It’s a good chance to get employed, when you have a good connections in LinkedIn and while you are looking for a new opportunities, it’s a good chance to craft your resume 2016, according to the latest resume trends this year.

resume 2016 writing rules

What blocks to include to your resume 2016

Looks like the competition will increase this year and it’s really important to keep your resume updated. What do you know about resume writing and are there any differences in formatting, compared to the previous 2015 year? Definitely – Yes. We tried to grab all the best resume writing tips and suggestion together to provide you with the latest advises below

1. Show up your contact details

Do you know how many resumes were in “No” pile list, only because hiring manager was not able to find your contact info fast. You can assume – it’s a stupid mistake, but really it’s a fact. Recruiters are busy people and when they cannot easily find the information in your resume, they are really irritated and in some cases – it’s not really good.

Place all the main contact information at the top of your resume. What information you should include to your resume and how should you do that? Always add your tel. number and full email address. According to the latest trends, HR’s are looking at your LinkedIn profile first and only then scan your resume. Are you still not registered in LinkedIn?

2. Boost your resume in 2016

How does your resume 2016 looks like, when we’re talking about the template? When we’re talking about layout, it very important to impress your reader with an outstanding template, which could help you stand out and attract more attention to some of your blocks.

What should you do and you can choose the best resume format to show your skills or some other block in more positive light? There are many tricks like good font or colored resume 2016 layout and more.

3. Good Summary

Stop writing meaningless objectives with tons of stupid keywords, which only add mess into your resume and doesn’t reflect your relevant experience and skills you have gained. Instead of objective, try to provide your reader with an outstanding resume summary with some figures and facts.

It’s really important to show what you did and what value you did bring to the company you worked in. Hiring managers are more interested in real facts. How could you show if your work was effective? – Only using numbers, achievements and facts.

Do i need to write a cover letter and are there any advantages for those who did it?

It’s a really interesting question, but according to the latest researches, cover letter is only the document, which helps you to present yourself better and attract more attention to your candidacy.

4. Bold and sections

Stop doing the same mistake other candidates do – they are using plain text and looks like they are writing an essay, but not a resume.

If you feel your resume is not attractive and some blocks lack attention, you need to use some tricks, like:

  • Bullets
  • Bold formatting
  • Sections

5. ATS optimized resume

More and more companies use ATS systems today. And it’s a big challenge for those, who do not include keywords to their resumes. The problem is – applicant tracking system can’t identify whether you are good or bad candidate, so they scan keywords in your resume.

If your resume lack right keywords, you can be even not considered by the human. To avoid that, you need to optimize your resume a bit for ATS systems.

6. Size of your resume

How many pages should your resume be? Some HR’s said that your resume should be one page long and not more. Why so? Because if you can’t write all your advantages at one page, it means that you can’t sell yourself well.

We are not agree with all the written above. If you need two pages to show you best skills – it’s up to you. We have never seen recruiter, who would decline candidate, only because his or her resume is 2 or more pages long.  

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