Group interviews. What’s new in 2016

What do you know about group interview and why hiring managers prefer them more than other forms on how to interview candidates. First of all – group interview are not for all positions. It’s more likely for entry-level candidates or students. You would never find group interviews for top manager positions or senior specialist. Why? Because there is some specific rules you should follow on how to win such type of interview. Prepare your 2016 resume and try to follow our tips below to be ready for a tricky questions.  

1. Know the company

If you were invited for a group interview – hiring managers would 100% ask you “what do you know about our company?” It’s the first question they do ask to anderstand how well you prepared for an interview and how serious you are about working here. Before an interview, find out company’s website and understand what do they do, what business branches do they have, how old their company is and any other information. Be sure, you will impress HR.

2.  Good questions

Usually group interview it’s a room where your competitors are sitting near you and listen to what HR is saying to all of you. While they do listen, be ready to ask some interesting questions to attract hiring manager’s attention. But NO stupid questions. In form like, “I u understand you correctly _ right?”

3. Repeat what was said

Another good thing to attract HR’s attention to show that you were engaged into the conversation and you understand well all the sides of their business. How you can do that? Ask some repeating questions with some context. Ask question to confirm the information that was said by recruiter, like: “If i did understand you correct, you said ___”. Once HR would said “Correct”, follow up the conversation. This will show that you are interested and listen to them very carefully.

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