GOLD Resume Tips

Your resume 2016 is a marketing document, which help you to get the interview. It’s like a key, which you need to get the employee’s door opened for you. That’s why you need to spend a little bit more time on polishing it. What do you know about resume writing and have you heard about any tips on how to optimize your resume? What do you know about how to position yourself and what to include and where in your resume? There are tons of the same questions we heared from other candidates and today we’re going to answer some questions and give you some interesting resume writing tips, which would help you to stand out from a crowd and increase your chances to get the job in 2016 year.

gold resume tips

What is the main purpose of any resume? Some candidates are still think that the main goal of any resume is to show the hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the position. We are not agree with that and do believe that the main value of resume is – interview. During an interview, depends on how it would run, you have much more chances to show hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the announced position.

Neat resume layout

Writing a resume, you should remember about many factors, which are very important if you would like hiring managers to read it. And before they will read it, it important to that hiring manager remember your resume. How you could do that? It’s easy – professional resume 2016 layouts is the best thing to solve this problem. Professionally created resume templates – it’s the best solution for those, who would like to impress HR’s and place resume content the best way.

Remember that using resume layout – your main goal is not only to show hiring manager that you are trying to attract their attention. Your main goal here is to show that you have ability to think out of the box.

Resume Keywords

Using keywords – it’s not about SEO alone, it’s about how you can improve your chances to go through ATS systems and get into the right pile in HR’s mailbox.

ATS – applicant tracking systems is used by HR’s to sort candidates. How it works? System scan your resume for a special keywords to understand.if you are the candidate relevant for the vacant position. Using resume keywords would help you to increase your chances to be considered by hiring manager and may be invited for an interview.

Tailor your resume

If we’re talking about resume from the response rate aspect, tailored resume format is the best way to increase this metric. Each hiring manager is looking for the candidate, who is the most relevant for the vacant position.

There are many resume formats, but if you tailor your resume for a specific job ad – you have more chances to get a response, compared to a general resume you sent for the same position.

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