Functional resume format 2016: How to highlight skills!

Functional resume format in 2016: Focus on your skills and relevant experience

We have already told you about how to write an outstanding chronological resume 2016 and what key things you should follow to write it well. Today we’re going to talk about how to write a winning resume 2016 and how it differ from chronological format approach. As you know, for every job seeker, it’s really important to highlight his/her strengths and hide weaknesses. If you want to show hiring manager how good you are in some areas, what level of expertise you have got, what did you achieved and how fast – chronological resume format 2016 is definitely the format you’re looking for.

functional resume format 2016

What is the main value in using functional resume template 2016

This is the most common question job seekers asking us day to day. This year situation is the same, compared to the previous periods. And let’s try to understand what is the biggest value of using functional resume writing format 2016.

Functional resume 2016 focuses on hard skills and soft skills and accomplishments. It doesn’t matter the time you spent on some positions and how many times you did change positions and your employment gaps. The only one thing matters – skills and relevant experience. If you can’t provide your reader with this information, you don’t have chances to get employed, or we’d like to suggest you to try some other resume format to increase response rate.

There’s no need to show your main responsibilities for each job. If you want to highlight some of them, it’s better to create a small summary or objective and add it to the top of your resume 2016.

functional resume format 2016

Who should use functional resume format 2016

  • Job seekers who are looking for some new job opportunities.
  • Employees who would like to highlight the strongest skills from their skillset
  • If there are some huge employment gaps, which are hard to explain for your potential employer
  • Out of work, because of long-term illness or study.
  • “Job-runners”. People who changed their job to often.
  • People who worked on volunteer positions and would like to show off their skills.
  • Job seekers who dont have huge experience in some areas, but they do have some skills they would like to highlight and improve
  • Students without any experience

The main advantages of functional resume format 2016 are: you could easily show hiring managers in what area your expertise is the most relevant to the vacant position and how your key hard and soft skills could be useful for the vacant position.

functional resume format 2016

Anyway, we do believe that our post was useful for you and you would get your job as fast as possible. Visit our social page for more interesting tips and career advices.

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