Cover letter format 2016

Cover letter 2016. What’s important?

Most of job seekers asking the same questions: How cover letter could help me to get a job? What should be written there? Use cover letter format 2016 and win the competition!

It only the part of questions potential employees asking recruitment experts. We would like to get answers on all the questions above and provide you with some cover letter format you should follow to achieve good results.

Lets start from the begin. Mostly, a cover letter need to be read by employees to understand who you are and good your inter proposal skills are. Some experts said: “CL – its the first one thing you potential employer read, before make you a call”. And that’s true. Many employers are so busy, that they don’t have time to read each resume sent to their inbox. And because of high competition you have a good chances to win here. Just prepare an outstanding cover letter and help your furthered boss to make the decision.

There is another one opinion – cover letter format 2016 is not necessary, because it is duplicate all the information from your resume. Its not correct! Proper cover letter format – it not a formality, its rather an additional bonus for you to be hired.  The main aim of cover letter is just to summarize  all your experience in 10-15 sentences and complement your resume.

What is the best Cover letter format 2016

To sum up all above, let us provide with a some structure which you should follow in writing cover letter format 2016, complementing your resume. Be patient, and be ready to create a new cover letter for each position you apply to.

What is cover letter 2016 structure?

Salute your reader

One of the most important block’s when you’re writing your cover letter. Based on how you’ll salute your potential employer depends on if he/she is ready to continue reading your letter, or you do not fit this position.  Forget about “Hi there”, “Hey, mate” and so on. Leave it for your friends.

First part of cover letter (intro)

There’s no need to say here how good company you applying to is. Reader must know how did you find this open position and why are you seeking for a new opportunity. It good practice to add a link to source or tell your reader how did you find it

Second part  of cover letter (main part)

Here you should tell a little bit more about your expertise. Tell more about your skills (4-5), which suits the best for applied position would more than enough. No need to name them all.  At the end of the paragraph is good to name your main achievements and how could you see you could help you to achieve good results on the new position.


Say “thank you” for the time spent reading your cover letter. Its a good practice to leave your LinkedIn profile link and Skype to contact you if an employer interested in you.

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