Chronological Resume Format 2016. What’s new?

What is good chronological resume format in 2016?

Have you ever seen how hiring manager scan resumes of the candidates, who applied to vacant position? If no, you definitely should do it! According to the latest researches, hiring manager need only 20 seconds to scan your resume from the top till the end to understand who you are and if it worth to contact you, before they would invite you on job interview. If we’re talking about resume, it should be outstanding, Today we’re going to talk about how to craft a winning chronological resume 2016 and why this format is the most common till nowadays.

Really winning chronological resume samples 2016

Good resume is not a key to success. If we’re talking about really outstanding resume – it’s really important the way it’s going to be structured, positioning, resume keywords 2016 and many more. Let’s have a look on the best chronological resume samples 2016 and would understand the difference between the other resume formats 2016.

Chronological Resume Format 2016 Chronological Resume Format 2016 Chronological Resume Format 2016

What differ chronological resume from the other formats?

It’s a really good question and we’re going to answer a little bit deeper and highlight some key ideas,


It’s rally important for a hiring manager to find out whose resume it is and how could they reach you. Remember to use some alternative e-mail addresses and add your linkedIn profile.

Key achievements

Hiring managers doesn’t like candidates who are telling what they did. You are in more winning position if you would tell hiring manager what were your accomplishments. If you were a sales manager, write how much did you sell or how did you increased some metrics. If you  want to get hired, stop overwriting processes, provide facts and numbers.

Work history

Provide your reader with a concise information about you work history in reverse chronological format. You should include company name, job title and dates of your employment. Start from your current place of working.

So, if you’re looking for a good resume format – chronological is the best resume format for you! It’s easy to read and hiring managers are really love it.

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