Best resume template 2016 that wins!

If you can’t choose right resume format or even more resume template in 2016 – it means, you have not good enough chances to win a competition. Some people say – it doesn’t matter what resume format to choose in 2016, you should be a good specialist and that all. They are wrong! If you would pick not suitable resume format it could be your worst enemy. Never joke with it. So, what resume format and resume templates it’s better to choose not only to outstand from the mass, but even get the job you are looking for? Do you know the answer? It doesn’t matter – we know it!

What should you start with? Let’s choose the right resume format for you!

Latest resume formats 2016 to use

Basically, there are four main resume formats 2016 you could use:

Functional: The main goal of this resume format is to highlight your skills, instead of work history.

Chronological: If you want to emphasise your work experience and to show all the working places – this resume format is for you.

Combination: Mix some skills and chronological work history using two resume formats above.

Targeted: You have already found a good vacancy and you want to land that job. It’s time to increase your chances, targeting your resume for this position. Do it right now.

Are you ready with resume format 2016? Then it’s time to pick right resume template.

Outstanding resume templates 2016

According to some researchers, hiring manager need just some seconds to scan your resume. And your main goal is to attract his or her attention. How should you do that? You should use proper resume template.

It’s not a good idea to use white&black templates in such cases. There are some rules you should follow:

1. Highlight your Last name and First name

2. Use resume skills

3. Stop using too much keywords to over optimize your resume for ATS

4. Don’t use corporate e-mail address. Personal only!

And many more useful resume tips on how to get your job in 2016. Follow our posts and get employed!

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Good luck and read our website!

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