Best Resume Format 2016: Some Hot Tricks

How to increase your chances with the latest resume format in 2016

New 2016 is going to be new for those, who decided to change their job and resume format as well. When we’re talking about resume format 2016 – it’s a good idea to get a newspaper and have a look on how it structured. It’s really easy to find all the information there. The same thing should be with your resume. When hitong manager open your resume, he/she should understand everything. Remember that you have just 25-30 seconds to impress your reader to attract attention. If the work is done and recruiter is working with your resume – it means you picked up the best resume format 2016 and your chances to get a call increased. So, why it’s really important to structure your resume according to the latest resume formatting rules?

It’s not a hard thing to provide you with a good answer on this question. How updated resume format 2016 could help you? Let’s try to remember what is the main goal of each resume? Yes, to help you land the job, you applied for. And that’s why it’s a really good stuff to help recruiter understand who you are and why you are the best candidate for this position.Using right resume format 2016 you would help HR to scan well-structured information in your resume and would help them save their time. If they would need less time to understand that you’re the best candidate for this position, be sure – they would rather call you instead of smbd else.

Resume format 2016: How to use the best fonts to attract hiring manager’s attention

An updated resume format 2016 – it’s all about how to structure your resume the best way. How use the right fonts, how to choose the right spacing, how to highlight the most important parts of your text and stand out your achievements.  Let’s try to understand what parts of your resume can impress hiring manager the most and how you can highlight them using some font solutions or better say – small resume fonts tricks in 2016.

Ok, so how choosing the right fonts could impact on my resume in 2016? Let’s try to understand it.

professional resume format 2016 updated resume format 2016

First of all, crafting your resume, you should understand or be ready to choose the proper resume template and resume format. Based on your decision, we’re going to move forward to choose what resume fonts are the best for your resume format 2016. Why it could be important? Because if you’re choosing some creative resume template, some standard approaches with fonts – are not for you.

So, what resume fonts are better to choose to boost your resume format 2016?

The most common fonts are Times New Roman, Verdana, Bell MT. These fonts are from serif family and they are the most used by all the people. And it’s really important to use them, so hiring manager would not need to kill herself to read your resume. We’re here to help you craft your resume. You’re not designer or Marilyn Manson to use some bloody fonts. Don’t do it)

But if you decided to buy your resume using some resume writing services, it’s really good idea to check what resume format 2016 the decided to choose and how it was formatted. Remember to change font of your resume to serif family fonts to get the best results.

Best Resume Format 2016: How it should be done

We do believe it’s not a problem to find a best resume format 2016, but we still think – it’s not an easy thing to craft it the way hiring managers would call you back, inviting for an interview. That’s why we decided to provide you with some winning steps on how you could increase your chances:

  • Never, add your name and contact information in some hard to read places. It irritates hiring managers and we saw some cases when even successful candidates were rejected because of such stupid mistakes.
  • Highlight your achievements first if you want to attract more attention.
  • Use proper resume skills in your resume to highlight your relatives to industry
  • Add your working history to your resume format 2016 resume, based on format you decided to work with. If it’s chronological resume – it’s one story. If you decided to pick functional resume format – it’s another story. Be careful, hiring manager’s pay much attention to such things.
  • Education – another important section you should choose to let hiring manager understand what university you have graduated and how serious you are about your featured job.
professional resume format 2016

Now, you have the list with tips on how to use professional resume format 2016 and some samples which would help you understand how the best resume looks like in 2016.

Use them and read our blog to get the latest news about resume writing industry.

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