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Today we’re going to talk about another interesting approach in resume 2016 writing, also named as achievement based resume format. Many job seekers are writing their resume based on daily activities and duties, and it’s the main problem of resume writing. As the result – hiring managers think that you are not the best candidate, because it looks like you did nothing to achieve any results and bring value to your ex-employer.

achievement based resume template 2016

So, what should you include to your resume beside daily responsibilities to show hiring manager that you are the candidate who cares about what they do and how well. That’s why today we’re going to talk about achievements and how to integrate them right to your resume. The most interesting fact is – achievement based resume is much stronger, compared with other resume formats and could increase your chances. In some cases it’s even stronger than well tailored resume.

How to write an outstanding resume, which would stand out you from the crowd? We have prepared some tips on how to show achievements inside you resume and how to show them the way hiring managers would call you back

Step 1: Accomplishments over duties

The only one thing hiring manager want to see in your resume that you could bring value to their company and if they would hire them, results they would potentially bring would be fast and valuable. You should not write an essay to show your achievements, they should be short and concise. Hiring managers are busy people and you have up to 20 seconds to convince them that you are the candidate they should pay their attention to.

Below are some useful examples on how you could show your accomplishments:

  • Developed KPI’s and exceed them
  • Trained new people and increased performance indicators
  • Find gaps in the process and solved the issue
  • Saved budget in X times, optimizing the process
  • Show what you did and whether it brought value. Hiring managers loves achievements in resumes – that’s alike indicators, which shows how target-oriented candidate is.

Step 2: PAR writing approach is the best for your 2016 resume

What is PAR approach? It’s a good method to to overwrite your achievements in your resume. Let’s try to understand how it works. So, what is PAR – Problem/Action/Result. That’s the way on how you could write about the achievements.

Let’s try to understand how you could use it:

  1. Problem – what was the issue you faced.
  2. Action – What you did to solve this issue and how.
  3. Result – What you did to solve this problem and what is the final l result.

Now when you know what is PAR – you could easily fill your achievements block in the way it brings the real result. So, start working on it.

Step 3:Numbers – your key to success

Hiring managers doesn’t like to read how well you manage daily process and read about your duties. If you’re submitted your resume on manager position – they would rather like to see what you did to optimize this process and how you could measure your optimization. That’s why numbers and measurable quantitative examples are really important to show in your resume. Nobody know what do you mean under “optimized” – show how well you did it, using numbers.

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