7 main resume tips 2016 you should follow

7 small tips to follow in your 2016 resume before they hired you!

You’re still unemployed? Dont worry, bad things happened, but you should be strong and prepare your resume for more professional submitting. All you need to do is do not repeat the mistakes other applicant do, crafting their resume. Lets try to polish your 2016 resume together. There’re two ways to do that: use some tricks (yeah, they will call you, invite you and during an interview they will understand that you’re not the “fish” that guys are looking for). So, we do recommend you to polish your 2016 resume according to our suggestions list below:

1. 2016 resume Objective Statement

“OMG “- The first one thing hiring manager is think about. Are you still in college? There is no need to use it anymore. You could ask why? Because they are irrelevant in most cases and cant provide a recruiter with a comprehensive answer “What kind of job are you looking for?” . At the same time hiring managers could see the same at your cover letter and “Summary” block. Do not irritate them and omit it.

2. Work history

Over 40% of applicants usually add all the work history in their 2016 resume with all the responsibilities.  Keep your job history 100% relevant to the position you apply to. According to the recent studies, recruiters would like to see one page resume, especially if you’re fresher or it’s your first job.

3. Employment gaps

Hiring managers dont like to think much. They need to close a vacant position and the sooner – the better.  You have some long gaps in your 2016 resume? Looking after your small children? Or the were troubles with your mom and you were need time to look after her?

If so, just add some clarification for those gaps. Do not let recruiters wonder what is was.

4. Provide more dates and numbers in your 2016 resume

Nobody likes to read about your duties. Usually hiring managers would like to invite for an interview those candidates who provided his/her achievements in their 2016 resume. No need to add them everywhere, but for each position you worked, it would be good.

5. Grammar or typos mistakes

If you do that, it’s better to use some services alike Grammarly. Its better to install browser extension than lose your change to get the job, cuz of spelling mistakes hiring manager found in your 2016 resume.

6. Signed NDA? Keep your mouth closed!

Some applicants adding confidential information inside their resume and think that hiring managers will invite them for an interview. It’s wrong assumption. Do not do that. Hiring managers could share your resume with your previous employers and it’s gonna be some problems.

7. References

Over 40% of job seekers are using this magic phrase: “references upon request”. Oh, dont do it your 2016 resume. Do not waste the space, you have just 6 seconds and the first page to impress the hiring manager. How do you think what recruiter is thinking about reading this phrase? Yes, you’re right, nothing good. It means she need to ping you again asking for some feedback’s.

We hope these small tips above would help you to land the job you’re looking for!


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