5 Resume 2016 Tips To Get The Interview

It’s a common story when a job seeker find some vacancies or prepared a list of job ads he’d like to submit his/her resume 2016 online. Looks like resume was written amazing and a cover letter was polished as well, but bad things happens. You are waiting for a feedback and nothing. Seems like you submitted your resume and it was sent, but nothing happened, nobody get back to you.

resume 2016 tips

What can you do in this way? There are two ways on how you could help yourself in this case: Wait and hope till somebody would mail you back or choose a little bit proactive approach and increase your chances to get an interview. Now we’re going to share some useful tips on how to maximize your chances and let hiring manager to scan your resume.

Resume 2016 Tips: Get Interview approach

Try to contact hiring manager before you sent your resume

It’s a really good practice to make a contact with a hiring manager or the person who posted a job ad. Even you don’t know the person who you would talk with – it’s a good chance to attract a little bit more attention, compared to the other candidates. How you could find a contact details? Usually companies include links to their corporate website – and it’s a good opportunity to find a contact details. Just call and ask to clarify some information about the job ad they have published.

The person interesting to you is on the phone. You should explain who you are and what vacant position is interesting for you. Be brief – there is no need to read your resume via phone. Tell your First Name and Last Name before at the beginning of your conversation. Your main goal is to impress hiring manager and let them 100% watch your resume.

Call to action sentences at the end of Cover Letter

It’s a good practice to follow up hiring manager if you didn’t get back any respond 7 days after you have sent your CV. And if you would like to do that in most correct and gently form, it’s better to add some words about your intentions in the cover letter you have already wrote.

Good Sample on how you could do that: “Thank you for reading my Cover Letter. I would like to follow up you in couple of days to get a feedback concerning my candidacy and possibility to get an interview. Feel free to mail me back to clarify any questions.”

You have missed a call?

You have tailored your resume and you feel that you are the candidate they should 100% consider on vacant position. But 2 weeks already passed and nothing was happen. It’s a good time to remember about yourself. As usual, you should do that gently and very polite. Just ask if your resume was considered and if they could give you a brief feedback.

Job ads contact Log

It’s a good and very useful thing to log your contact in a specially created file. Just create a spreadsheet, where you could log all the job ads you have submitted your resume. It would help you to manage the follow-up process much easier. No need to keep everything in your head.

Don’t follow-up to many times

It’s not a good idea to follow-up the hiring manager too many times. They are busy people and if you would pest, they would rather blacklist you, than make you a job offer. Remember that and think about it, before you would try to do that one more time.

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