6 Effective resume writing tips for 2016

Nowadays the competition is very high and your resume 2016 should be much more attractive, compared to previous years if you would like to lead and get your job this year. We tried to collect all the common mistakes candidates did in their resume and today we’re ready to share them with you.

resume tips for 2016 year

How to write resume in 2016 to get employed

What do you know about resume writing and what is your strategy, when you apply for a vacant position? We do believe, whatever it is, we would like to provide you with the most effective suggestions, which you could probably use, writing your winning resume in 2016.

Good Resume Format 2016


How much time do hiring manager need to scan your resume and decide whether you are the person, they would like to invite you for an interview? We know – it’s up to 20 seconds for a brief scanning. Not too much, yeah? And now you know what does it mean to format your resume proper way. Place your resume blocks easy to read and save HR’s time for that:

  • Do not merge tons of resume formats: use chronological or functional resume templates to structure your information.
  • Try to highlight more important information using bold text or use colors (but not too much)
  • In some cases it’s really hard to read plain text. Use bullets to separate information in your resume.

Achievements over Duties

Recruiters are looking for a candidates who can prove their skills. Reading your resume, it’s not possible to do, but there are some good ways on how you can attract hiring manager’s attention. At first – HRs are looking on what you did on your previous place of working and how well you did there. Show your achievements to prove your professional skills and attitude to your responsibilities.

  • Stop using duties in your resume 2016, show what was the end result
  • To highlight your accomplishments, use resume summary
  • It should be your personal accomplishments, not smbd else’s
  • Do not use already written summary, be unique, impress your hiring manager

Show Numbers and Facts

We believe, there were too many candidates, who applied for different positions were the best candidates. but they did not get those job. And do you know why? They were not so good to sell themselves, and it was the main problem.What should you include to your resume and what does hiring manager expect to see in your resume?

There are much more questions than answers sometimes, but still we have some answers here. And you could read our suggestions below:

  • Stop using general statements or duties in your summary block, show how well you did your job in figures.
  • Hiring managers loves facts – if you increased sales, write about it. If you improves internal processes – write about it. Show what you did and why your ex-employer paid you well.

Tailor Your Resume

There was much debate about what resume format is better to use and when. We don’t want to talk about poses and cons of each format now, but we 100% sure – tailored resume works much better compared to any resume 2016 format you would find on the web.

All you need to do is just understand what jobs are you looking for. Once you understood, you need to prepare resume for each specialty and start applying. You will be amazed with the final result.

Resume Skills – How To Use In 2016

What do you know about resume skills and kind of skills do you know? Looks like it’s not well-known question and we would like to shed some light on different type of skills and what resume format is better to use to show up your skills-set.

When we’re are talking about resume skills it’s good to say that there are two different types of skills: hard and soft. What is the main difference between these two completely different skills:

Hard skills – shows your real knowledge’s, which you can easily measure. For example: Math – or you know algebra or you don’t.

Soft skills – kind of skills, which you can’t measure and HR only could believe or check them during an interview.

  • Use functional resume format to highlight your skills-set
  • Do not include too many soft skills
  • There is the difference between keyword and skill

Social Networks

Seeking for a new job, what do you usually start with? Some candidates are usually looking for some vacancies on the most popular job portals or asking their friends about vacant positions.

According to the latest career trends – Professional networks is the most effective place, where you can not only find a good friends, but a well-paid job.

  • Grow your professional network using LinkedIn
  • Update your profile monthly
  • Look for new opportunities
  • Set up notifications and answer to HR’s

We believe, this year you would find the job you are looking for. We hope, our post was interesting for you.

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