5 Ways to Slick Up Your Resume 2016

1) Remove silly words and vague phrases:

resume 2016 keywords

Stop using them crafting your resume in 2016

The main problem – tons of job seekers are looking for some stupid and meaningless words to dilute their resume, providing not the best version to hiring manager to read. Don’t you want to pollute your resume, aren’t you? IF yes, let’s try to understand what phrases are better to remove from your resume 2016 if they are already there. And what phrases are better to omit ar better to not include, crafting your resume this year.

There is no need to overwhelm your resume with just too many of such keywords. It’s could be a good stuff to win a competition if the first who will scan your resume will be ATS. Well, you have chances. But what’s going after. Hiring managers like results and if you want to impress them, don’t use to much of such already used by tons of other candidates phrases. Use your own style and impress your reader with your accomplishments.

What does mean “goal-oriented” or “passionate” or “result-oriented”? Describing yourself? It could be a good challenge for you to explain what do you mean during an interview. Hiring manager see your resume, scan it and see how well you are. Don’t try to irritate them. Instead of that, better to add more hard skills you have to increase your chances.

So what should i do with such keywords in my 2016 resume?

Solution below

– Instead of polluting your resume with alike vague resume keywords, it’s better to help hiring manager to understand what exactly you did to increase company’s business metrics or profit.

– Show your accomplishments and how well you can solve problems. If there were good examples, it’s better to add them to your resume.

– What you did and what have you done on you last job. Name your main responsibilities and how you did optimize your processes.

2) HR’s trust to numbers in your resume:

resume 2016 numbers

Add more numbers crafting your resume 2016

The main problem is – you’re strong candidate, but the way you did described yourself in your resume – gives you no chances to win this game. Why? Because you should not only describe the processes you did on daily basis, but to support you story with some numbers to show on how well you were and what value you did bring to your company.

 What is the problem here: Too much words about what you did and no numbers to understand what was done.

How you can solve this. Add more facts and numbers. Describing your main responsibilities, highlight them with some numbers to show how well you were, solving that problems. Below are some suggestion on how to highlight your resume in 2016, providing HR with some facts.

1. You were a sales manager and sold too many stuff? Add numbers on how you did increase profit or how many clients were satisfied with the end result.

2. Did you manage people. Good! Tell them how many it were and what they did achieve.

3. You optimized budget? Good to say how you implemented this process and what’s the results.

4. You worked with budgeting, aren’t you? Good to say how you managed it.

There are tons of other ways on how you can show up numbers in your daily responsibilities. We offered only the most common. If you need more details, here’s the bonus tip below:

LinkedIn tactic - pimp up your resume numbers in 2016

Open LinkedIn – write down position name into the search field and see the results. You see there’re too many interesting candidates over there. Why don’t you want to open some of their profiles to see how they described their summary. Usually the main achievements are there with facts and number. It’s a good practice, which brings results.

3) Job experience since 2000’s / let’s remove it

relevant resume experience 2016

Leave only 10 years long experience path

It’s 2016 outside and some candidates still can’t understand that including information to resume about their experience from 2000’s it’s wasting hiring manager’s time. Even you worked in the same industry – you should not do that, because it is irrelevant and old.

So, what are suggestions here to prevent such cases:

1. No need to add all your working experience. Provide HR’s only relevant and actual information.

2. Anther good reason why you shouldn’t do that – limited resume place. As you know, the best resume format in 2016 to use is – two page resume template. Do you really could place all the information with all your experience in 2 pages? We guess you would need a to write the whole book about yourself.

3. Any career changes during so long time? That’s why it’s better to not include some facts to your 2016 resume.

4.  Leave place for your skills. Experience is really important, but only when it follows the main trends in any industry.

How you could solve this problem and what are the main recommendations here on how to optimize you resume 2016

Solutions are below

TIP #1. Remove experince from your resume, which is older than 10 years.

TIP #2. If you have been out of work  – it’s better to tailor you resume or use some other resume formats to conceal your gaps. But – be ready to explain them, if HR would ask you.

TIP#3. Read the job description carefully. Tailor your resume to the vacant positions.

4) Tailored resume – key to win the competition

tailored resume 2016

Tailor your 2016 resume and win!

The problem is – candidates are so lazy to tailor their resume to the specific vacancy, so they leave to much chances to some other candidates, who does it. Recruiters are considering much better only the candidates, who has the highest match by skills and relevant experience. What about you? How many different resume do you have? OR you apply using only one resume, written previous year and even not updated?

If so, you have no chances to win the competition, but we prepared some tips on how to solve that:

Define the positions you'd like to get. Create some versions of your resume using 2016 format

TIP #1. Ultra-tailored resume 2016. How it works? Find the job description of the position you would like to get. Read it carefully.

  • Take a peace of paper
  • Write down the key responsibilities
  • Rewrite them, but not plag, using your writing style
  • Include the information into your tailored resume format

TIP #2. Decided to use functional resume format? Remember to place your skills to the top of the resume, if you like hiring manager to see them.

5) Proper resume template

latest resume templates in 2016

Use the latest resume templates in 2016 and get the job!

What is the common problem here:

According to latest researches, hiring managers do spend not more than 6-10 seconds to consider candidate’s resume. And if we’re talking about sorting in YES and NO pile, latest resume template 2016 – is your key to success here. We’re not talking about infographic resume, but you should find the way how to attract recruiter’s attention and stand out from a crowd.

But, don't overdo here! It'a important - resume is a document.

What are recommendations to solve that:

First of all – using black&white colors is not the best practice in this case. If you want to highlight your skills or relevant experience it’s better to use some colors. Why – to attract HR’s attention to the hided details.

Use already created resume templates. They were crafted to solve the main problem – highlight the information you need to stand out. Dont know where to find them, see here.

At the end, follow our suggestions to be prepared for 2016. And remember to come back to us, we’re preparing another portion of resume tips.


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