5 biggest hiring manager’s gaps that scare off candidates

Resume 2016 is written! Time for an interview! Are you ready?

Well, my friend, you have already prepared your resume 2016 and ready for a new challenges, right? Before we’ll start our article, we would like to ask you some questions: How many interviews you was invited since you started your active job search? AND What could you tell about hiring managers? Were you satisfied with how well they ran the interview?

Remember and try answer such questions above to yourself. Why? Because we’re going to tell you a little bit more about recruiter’s gaps today and how to make out professional hiring manager who is interested in your candidacy from just a junior specialist who is looking for some commission and whose skills are not so good!

So, your resume 2016 already written and submitted to all job portals. Hiring manager found your resume there and invited for a job interview and you arrived. Congratulations! Let’s try to understand who is your hiring manager:

Hiring manager is late >10mins!

resume tips 2016 for candidates 1

It’s really bad idea to be late even if you’re recruiter and you have stronger position aside to your candidate. It’s really important for the candidate to show he/she is serious about their potential position, the same thing is about hiring manager! If you see that hiring manager is late – it’s not a good signal. If you are the candidate they are interested in – it’s their interest to be in time in meeting room to talk with you!

Where is your resume!? Oh, can’t find it!

resume tips 2016 for candidates 2

What is really irritate candidates – unprepared hiring managers before an interview! Remember when you came to interview and hiring manager need some 5-15 minutes to print your resume and you are waiting? Or another one thing: hiring manager didn’t read your resume before and trying to understand who you are reading your resume during you are answering her stupid questions like: What do you do for a life?

Hey, are you guys working here!?

resume tips 2016 for candidates 3

Your hiring manager using too much slang and tell you that they have informal environment in office and its okay if you didn’t finished your part of work yesterday because of strict deadline, it’s still ok! And day offs – are paid and looks like you do nothing and get your money on time! Heaven?! or what’s wrong here?

Ok – lets us explain! Looks like you’re talking with office manager, but not professional HR. How to understand if you would like to work here in case if they would send you a job offer? Ask for a talk with your direct manager to understand who they are and what’s going on inside the company.

Hey, what are my responsibilities?

resume tips 2016 for candidates 4

It’s really strange situation and in most cases it’s not a good sign, when during an interview, hiring manager can’t explain you what are your main responsibilities and what are you going to do if you will accept job offer.

It’s common mistake of junior recruiters. They didn’t gather all the requirement to the vacant position and can’t explain it to you! If they let unprofessional hiring manager waste your time trying to understand what should they pay you money for, it’s not a good idea to continue negotiating with such companies!

80 LVL memory?

resume tips 2016 for candidates 5

Oh, if you think hiring manager can remember everything – it’s not true! Why? Because it’s impossible! It’s a good sign to check how serious hiring manager about your candidacy if he or she is doing notes during an interview.

If hiring manager is just listening to you – it’s a really bad sign!

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