2016 Job Search Rules

Today we’re going to talk about hiring process and what an average job seeker feel when he or she was send a resume 2016 and do not get back any response. It’s a huge problem not only for small companies. It’s a huge problem of the most companies do not provide their applicants with a feedback status. And it’s your time in result. You are sitting at home, submitting your resume for different positions and looks like it’s a complete silence.

how to find a job in 2016

Or let’s talk about other case. You were on interview, and they said that you are the best candidate the have ever seen. But nothing going on next. They have found somebody else? Or they changed their mind? It’s not clear.. But what should you do and what is your action plan? Today we’re going to talk about what you probably did wrong and why hiring managers do not get back to you or decline your candidacy.
We tried to prepare the most useful job-search rules, which would help you to concentrate on the most effective job-searching approaches.

1. Stop wasting time. A lot of job seekers are spend their time doing a lot of ineffective things, which are not as effective as they could be. For example – a lot of candidates are trying to use job boards and scanning vacancies daily. This is the one of the most often mistake you should avoid. Start your job search with your network. You must not looking around – ask your friends or ex-colleagues if somebody is looking for candidates with your skills profile. According to the statistic, up to 30% of candidates are getting their job via network recommendations.

2. What is your value? It’s really important to show your potential employer why you are unique candidate and what skills could stand you out of the other candidates. Show what value you brought to your ex-employers and how your experience could be useful for their company. Show your unique skills in your skills block and impress with your expertise level.

3. Know your ideal job. It’s really important to understand what job are you looking for, because employer would never do that instead of you. If we’re talking about an effective job searching process, you need to create a list of job you’re qualified for. Only after you coped with the previous part, it’s time to think about your resume tailor it to the positions you would like to apply for.

4. Plan your job search activities. It’s a good thing when you understand that your main goal is to find a job. But it’s not enough. We’re more than sure that your job searching process will not be effective. if you would not develop a plan. What should you do? It’s a good practice to create an activity plan splited by day or weeks on what should be done in appropriate period of time.

5. Do you know why your roommate already found a job and you’re still seekeing? He worked on this activity daily. To reach your goal you need to do your job searching activities daily. Only this way you would get the result. It’s a good practice to make some notes after interviews or during an interviews and keep the process under control.

6. Your resume is a part of you and you should remember it. It’s a kind of marketing document, which would help you to land a job. Have you already wrote it? Was it right resume format, which would help you to highlight your strengths? Or did you use the latest resume template to impress a hiring manager?

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