Word Resume Templates 2016

When it comes to writing a resume 2016, the first thing you do – is trying to find some resume templates already created by professional resume writers. It’s really helpful information, when we’re talking about saving your time and creating a well-written resume. Some hiring managers says that it’s not a good idea to use such templates, because they are tailored for specific positions. Yes, and they are right, but you could see the way it was formatted, resume blocks and general resume style.

Word resume template is the best solution for those candidates, who are looking for fast solution and would like to write their resume fast and without losing a quality. It does not mean that you’re downloaded only template and nothing inside. Good word resume template could help you to understand what to include into your resume 2016 and what blocks are better to hide. Also, you will understand how blocks placement is important if you need to highlight your achievements or skills, depends on resume format you will choose.

Word Resume Template: Common Resume Formats

Standard resume format

The one of the most common resume formats, which is used by job seekers to show general information about their professional experience and highlight some blocks. You can use such resume 2016 format if you’re not specialist in specific field and looking for freelance or not full-time job.

Professional resume format

This resume format is used by candidates, who are looking for a specific position. Most likely, professional resume formats are tailored for a specific position and used by well-paid specialists. The best way to use professional format is: Find job ad you would like to send your resume, read it and try to craft it to this position. You will be amazed with the final result.

Resume format for freshers

There are no special rules or tips on how school leavers or fresh grads should write their resumes in 2016. Usually, they use functional template to show what skills they have gained and how their skills could be useful for their future bosses. If you’re looking for the most used resume templates for freshers, download on our website and edit the way you need it.

Functional resume format

Some hiring managers still claims that functional is the one of the most used resume formats in US, Maybe, but we could claim that such resume format is the best for those job seekers, who would like to highlight their skills and hide some employment gaps in their career path. Use this template if you feel that your skills set could be that “power”, which you could sell during an interview and get the job immediately.

Word resume 2016 template functional

Download Word resume template 2016 functional

Word resume 2016 template functional

Download Word resume template 2016 functional

Word resume 2016 template functional

Download Word resume template 2016 functional

Word resume 2016 template functional

Download Word resume template 2016 functional

Chronological resume format

The most old and the most used resume format in the world. This is the best solution for those candidates, who would like to show their solid experience and achievements. If you are the specialist and would like to show your impact and strong career path, this is for you.

Word resume 2016 templates: How to edit downloaded template

What should you do after you have already chose and download your resume template? There are some rules you should follow to avoid stupid mistakes, when you would apply your resume to job ad. ATS would forgive your mistakes, but recruiter – never.

  • Check if you have added or changed your Last Name and First Name. It would be a pity, if HR would find somebody’s name instead of yours.
  • Check if you have changed your contact details and make sure they are right.
  • Education block – check if you have included your university accomplishments.
  • Experience block with dates you start your job and left.
  • Achievements block – try to concentrate on figures and percents more than on general phrases. It would help you to show what exactly
  • value you did bring and how it’s possible to measure out.
  • Skills – try to avoid general phrases. If you have some good hard skills, it’s much better to include them to your resume, instead of vague keywords.

Remember that using the right resume format – you would not only stand out from a crowd of other candidates, but would attract more attention to your candidacy. Do not hurry, take some time and be patient. Good luck, see you on your new job this year!

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