Why employers reject my resume?

What’s going on. Where is my job?

Sometimes we can’t understand on what’s going on. Why we spend too much time and nothing happens, nobody calls and even they call – they don’t invite you for an interview. Why so? What’s wrong with me or my resume?

There are just a few questions job seekers asking themselves searching new opportunities for a quite long time.

So, the reason in me or in my resume?

Most of job seekers do the common mistake. They create just only one version of their resume. In 2016 it doesn’t work! Hiring manager publishing different job descriptions and looking for those candidates, who will fit the best. What did you do to adjust your resume for the specific position you would like to apply for? Yeah, nothing! And after all, you’re asking yourself why my results are so bad? It’s not good! Let’s try to solve your problems together, because if all above is about you, that means something going wrong and we need to find another way how to rescue you for unemployment.

Resume 2016 new approaches to get you employed

Before we will provide you with some creative approaches, we would like to warn you – it doesn’t works for all of the job seekers. If you see it doesn’t works with you, it’s time to think about another approach.

So, let’s start with number one. You already sent tons of resumes and nobody calls? Yes, bad things happens and most likely you’re trying to apply for a high-competitive position and your experience is more than relevant to announced position. What should you do? Try to outstand yourself from the mass using 2016 resume templates here. Templates were designed according to some knowledges on how to attract hiring manager’s attention. So, let’s try to do that first.

Number Two. Are you really good candidate for announced position? Sometimes candidates think they’re the best for some positions and that why they’re searching for new opportunities for a quite long time. Sometimes it could be over than 6 months. How to check? For example you are sales manager and you think you can obtain position of Head of Marketing. Maybe, why not? But hiring managers don’t call you? Looks like smth wrong!

Try to experiment. Send your resume to 2-5 relevant positions , wait till the hiring manager will call you back and discuss with her if it would be possible to be Marketing director in their company and what skills are required on this position?

Number three. Big employment gap? And you didn’t include an explanation in your resume why you were unemployed for so long time. It’s a really HUGE mistake. Hiring manager don’t like to guess, and believe they would not think that you improved your knowledges according to vacant position, instead they would think that you’re so bad that nobody wants to hire you. And that’s true!

Do you have gaps in your works history? If yes, do not afraid to explain them in your 2016 resume and don’t let hiring manager think something wrong!

Number four. How to sell you yourself better? You have already tried all above and results are still bad! In that case you should use proper resume format. Why it’s important in 2016? Because you can easily show hiring managers your strengths even you don’t have relevant experience.

Still troubles with a new job? Read more about latests tips in 2016 on how to prepare your resume and be ready for an interview.

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