What resume buzzwords 2016 to avoid

What is good resume in 2016 and how to sell yourself the most efficient way and not to disguise your qualification, compared to other candidates. Today we are going to talk about resume buzzwords and what impact they have on hirirng manager’s decision, while he’s scanning your resume. We’re not joking, because it’s really important fact which could help you to get the job or not.

Based on some job portal researches we tried to understand why such problems could happens and what should you do to avoid such stupid mistakes. First of all – stop exaggerating your professional skills or try to vague them. Already stopped or had never done – good job. Now let’s talk about what could you include in your resume and what resume buzzwords are better to omit.

What resume buzzwords 2016 are better to not include to your resume.

Familiar with‘ – the one of the biggest mistakes when we’re talking about polished resume in 2016. Stop using that if your resume skills are not so strong, that you’re ready to tell your reader that you are quite good enough.
“Knowledge of smth” – the same resume keyword you should avoid if you cant say how well you know that. Recruiters are looking for specialists who can say that they know stuff well. If you just read smth once, when you were a student – it’s not a good idea to include such skill as your key keyword in your resume.

Try to be more specific. Show more facts, which could say more about how deep you know some areas. Try to avoid these buzzwords in your 2016 resume.

Another one group of “Continuous doing processes” – how to boost resume phrases in 2016

Some candidates still think that adding resume buzzwords 2016 or phrases like “optimizing”, “handling” or “solving” – would show on how well you can build processes or solve some problems. The problem is – it’s not the truth. Hiring managers don’t like to hear processes, the prefer more your accomplishments to understand who you are and what value you could bring to their company, if they are going to hire you.
Keep things as much simple as you can and help you hiring manager to see what was done and how they could understand whether it was good or not.

What you did and describing your zone of responsibilities. Does it work today?

‘Responsibilities was included’
The one of the most often mistake is to start listing all your main responsibilities, even they were not your main.
Bad thing, really. If you would like to tell your reader what you were doing on your past places of working, just describe it in two or three sentences.

So, to add resume buzzword or not
It’s a good question, each job applicant should ask himself. First of all, buzzword need to be used to outstand your resume from the mass. If you are not sure to use or not, in some cases it’s better to not use them.

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