Top resume formats in 2016

Not proper resume format or outdated resume format is the first to find your resume in “Decline” folder inside recruiter’s Outlook folder. If you would like to to win, you must to understand how important such facts like:

  • resume keywords
  • Skills
  • Some tricky buzzwords to highlight your skills
  • Achievements – what exactly you did and what value you brought.

And many other things you should include to your resume 2016 to get a call from a hiring managers. That’s why today we’re going to talk about what is the differences between resume format 2016 and resume format 2015. And why they are not the same. To make sure that your resume says “2016” rather than “2015”, read some our tips below and boost your chances to get a new job.

How to format your resume in 2016

Resume file type – which one to choose

When you submitting your resume, you are looking forward to hear back from hiring manager soon. But nothing could happen if you pick wrong file type. Does it possible? Easy!

There are two main file types candidates use writing their resumes in 2016. Here they are:

  • DOC (Word 1997-2007)
  • PDF (Adobe or some else)

Why some job seekers use .pdf? Because it’s more pleasant to recruiters eyes, but in the same time – nobody could see it, because ATS could not recognise it properly.

If we’re talking about DOC format – it’s an old word format, which could show your hiring manager that your resume is outdated or you still using an old word format.

The best choice is to use .DOCX extension saving your resume. It’s easily recognised by any ATS and could be opened by any hiring manager at any laptop.

Resume file name – the common rule

If you would like to increase your chances, dont use general file name for your resume alike “justresume” or “myresumeedition1”. Help hiring manager to understand whose resume on his/her desktop, naming your resume like “John_Taylor_sales_manager_2016”

Resume format matter in 2016

As far as you know, there are more than three resume formats 2016, which could only increase your chances to get the job. Using them right way in your resume, you could find how well they could be, hiding some your weaknesses and showing your main skills in positive light.

Chronological format

The one of the most used resume format in the world. This resume format will help you to bring hiring manager’s attention to your huge employment history, listed in reverse chronological order. This resume format is commonly used by senior specialist with a huge experience. Read more about how to format chronological resume 2016

Functional format

When we’re talking about how to highlight your skills and to show some of your main achievements first – the best choice is functional resume. It would be good to use for candidates with a little experience and for those who has huge employment gaps. Read more how to write functional resume 2016

Combination format

Don’t know how to combine two resume formats in one? We would like to present you our new solution – here is combination format. For those, who has both huge employment history and enough strong hard skills to highlight.

What content to include in my resume 2016

Try to avoid generic content in 2016. We have already prepared some resume builders you could use to create just a format, but not a content. Try to write resume on your own or read some tips on how to do that. Hiring managers don’t like auto-generated words from resume builders. And remember to tailor your resume for each position.

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