Top Resume Format in 2016

What is the New 2016 Year for you? For some job seekers it’s a really good opportunity to start active job search and find the job they are looking for. Are you ready to start active job search? If yes, today we’re going to discuss the latest resume formats of 2016.

How the resume 2016 differs from 2015 year and what should you do to avoid the common mistakes this year and get your new job!

ATS-optimized resume templates

Use ATS optimized resume templates in 2016

As you know, Hiring Managers are busy people and they prefer some machine to do their work instead or just help them to do that. What are these machines? If you didn’t hear anything about (ATS) – applicant tracking systems, looks like you’re lucky.

ATS – it’s a special software, which helps hiring manager to track applicant and filter them at the first recruitment stage, when you just sent your CV. How it works? You have already attached your CV file and sent, what’s going on next:

  1. Company’s e-mail received your attached resume
  2. Resume has been uploaded to ATS
  3. ATS scanned your CV for keywords
  4. ATS rated your resume according to the relevancy
  5. ATS filtered your candidacy and decided whether to show your resume to hiring manager or not

And it’s really important to keep your resume updated according to the latest resume trends. Why it’s important? Because applicant tracking system is using special algorithms to sort candidates and even resume format or keywords could affect on the final result.

So, what is the best resume format 2016 to use to be number one? We would try to answer this question in this post below.

Resume file type matters?

Some candidates do believe that resume file type is not important. They do, but using Word resume format 2016 would increase your chances to go through applicant tracking system with higher recognition rate.

resume file type in 2016

Increase your chances uploading your resume in different file types (extentions)

As you know, there are plenty of different resume formats, which you can use:

  • .pdf resume – cool, but in some cases ATS can’t recognize all the keywords
  • .docx resume – the best file type for ATS systems
  • .jpg resume – hard to recognize for ATS systems

How you  can increase your chances to deliver your resume to hiring manager for consideration? The best solution is to create resume in multiple formats, both PDF and Word.  In this case you provide your resume in any format upon request if needed.

Remember – ATS is not your adversary and you should not craft your resume tailoring it using only keywords. In the final result – your resume will be read by HR, not machine. And as you know, you would not win the competition if recruiter would read only the keywords in your resume, instead of well-written professional resume.

Too short resume or too long?

two page resume template 2016

How long your resume should be to attract HR in 2016?

Your resume is not an essay and your main goal is to interest or better say “catch” hiring manager. while he or she is reading your resume.

There are no any rules about how long your resume should be and what blocks you should include, if we’re talking about resume length, but about resume format.

There is just one rule – if you are not looking for federal job, it’s better to use one-page resume template and do not let your hiring manager spend more time, trying to understand who you are and whether you would fit vacant position.

What about resume sections

resume sections in 2016 resume format

What resume sections are better to include and which are better to remove, based on your level

What resume sections are the most common? Which one’s are better to include and which one’s are better to omit, depends on the resume format and your professional level as a candidate.

It’s not a hard question, and all the answers come down to the type of the job you would like to get in the final result. Trying to understand what resume template you should choose, try to answer yourself on a question: What would you like to highlight in your resume and what blocks you would like to show HR at first?

The main recommendation here is: try to avoid useless blocks, which would never help you to get the job, but would only vagur your resume at the end.

For example: If you’re looking for an IT job, and you’re experienced specialist, it’s not a good idea to show your hobbies first instead of your education block.

Are there any rules on how to format resume in 2016?

There are some basic resume templates you can choose to highlight your experience and prioritize your resume content the most effective way to attract hiring manager’s attention.

When we’re talking about resume 2016 templates – there are three the most common formats used to list you information, based on your professional level and depends on what information you would like to show first.

Chronological resume format

The one of the most used resume format by experienced job seekers in US and other countries. When you have a huge experience behind your back and you can structure it in reverse-chronological order – it’s the best choice for you. Read more about how to structure your resume in chronological format.


  • Shows your huge experience
  • Shows you career path.
  • Gives you ability to split roles and achievements


  • If you have employment gaps – it’s not the best format in your case.
  • You can’t concentrate on your skills.
  • In some cases, you need much more than one page to include all the information.

The main rule here is to limit list of your jobs, if we’re talking about specific field you’re applying for. When we’re talking about HR job, it’s not a good idea to add your software tester experience if any. Try to show only the expertise, which could be useful to the specific field.

And the second rule is:  If you have over 25 years of experience, you should not list all of it. It’s ok to show in your resume only the last ten years and all.

Functional resume format

Why functional resume template is so popular among the people who are not so experienced specialists and can’t afford themselves to use chronological format? First of all – functional resume is used to show your skill-set first.

This is the best resume template for those, who change their jobs often or entry-level candidates, who would like to show their skills first.


  • Skills over job history
  • Able to hide your employment gaps.
  • Could be use on all candidate levels


  • Could be seen like you’re trying to obscure your employment history form HR
  • Some ATS systems could recognize skills as overstaffed content (by keywords)

The best solution here is to use hybrid (combination resume format) to highlight your skills and let hiring manager see that you’re not hiding you employment history.

What are the most useful resume writing tips?

best resume writing tips in 2016

What resume tips could bring you to your new job?

Frankly speaking – we do have whole section devoted to this topic and you could find all our resume writing tips here.

Remember – there are no bad candidates, there are resumes, which were not so attractive to hire you at the moment. Improve your resume and get your job today!

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