TOP 5 Resume trends 2016

As you know, the first impression is really important if we’re talking about resume writing. What does it mean? It means – you would not lose a chance to impress your intentional employer or hiring manager, while he or she would read it in their mailbox. The problem is: most of job seekers don’t know what is in trend now. What is better to use to impress recruiter and what things are better to omit, if you don’t want to see you resume in trash folder. So, we decided to prepare a top 5 resume trends 2016, which would help you not only to impress, but probably to get a call form the recruiter. We hope so!

Now, we dont want to talk about how you should act during an interview, because they still dint invite you or you’re waiting for the feedback. We hope, you’re not upset, because they they did not provide you with any feedback. If so, please read this article and relax, bad things happened, but lets see it in a positive light. Ok, let’s start, what do you think?

1 – Highlight accomplishments

Hiring managers are people, who could smell good employee everywhere. How? The first rule is define if the’re dealing with result-oriented employee  or you’re just process-oriented employee. What is the main difference between such two types of persons. Ok, let’s add more details. How to understand who you are? The only one way  – to see how you describe your summary or accomplishments.

Process-oriented person: I was working on

Result-oriented person: It was done and the result was XYZ

It’s good you are ready to do some routine work, but hiring managers pay their attention more on result-oriented candidates. Why? Because nobody care what were you doing, it’s important on what was done. And that’s it! And this is one of the most important point in our resume trends 2016 list.

If you want to attract more attention to this block, you can easily add some visual components or some frames to highlight it. But do not overwhelm it!

2 – Relevant work experience first

As you already know, if we’re talking about chronological resume 2016 or some other resume formats 2016, it’s important to add your work experience in chronological order. But, according to the latest resume trends 2016 it’s not a good idea. Do you know why? Because if you decided to change your career or seeking for a new opportunities in new field, its important to stress only relevant experience. Hiring managers are interested in candidates with relevant experience, if only you’re not a fresher and looking for an internship. So, it could be a good chance to try such approach to experiment and assess response rate. By the way, if nobody get back to you, its time to work on your resume and understand whats wrong with your resume. Read more about how you could improve it.

3 – Video resume in 2016

It’s one of the latest and the most interesting approach from the resume trends 2016.  As you know, the best way to sell yourself is to show how good you are live. Live? Yeah, just create a video resume. There’re tons of tools, where you could record a video presenting yourself. It should not be long, it’s not a movie about Star Wars, just 2-3 minutes, to tell your potential employer what was your main achievements and what kind of job are you looking for. Do you think it doesn’t work? If yes, you’re wrong! Because video resumes are not so common and hiring managers look them first, before they came back to scan your boring white&black resumes!

4 – Resume templates. Worth to use?

According to the latest polls, hiring manager on average spent 6 seconds to understand who you are and if vacant position is for you. What could you do to let the hiring manager keep your resume in his or her mind? Another one tricky approach from our resume trends 2016 list – resume template 2016. Why? We don’t think you’ll remember some candidates with irrelevant experience and black&white resumes. With exclusive and outstanding resume template – you will!

5 – LinkedIn profile development

Oh, are you still without LinkedIn profile? It’s not a good idea if you want to boost your job search. Hiring manager are not looking for resume only, it’s really important for them whats going on around you, what do you do for living and many other aspects you will never add to your resume. Are you in some professional groups? How many connections do you have at the moment? Skills? Stop wasting time – create LinkedIn profile now and increase your chances!

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