The best interview questions to ask HR in 2016

At the end of the interview you have  great chance to ask your hiring manager some questions. What kind of question are better to ask? How tricky they could be and how ask them the best way? Let us help you to solve this question by providing you the most common interview question you could ask your HR in 2016 below.

  1. Why current position is vacant now?

You should understand why the job is open and how long. Why it could be important? Because you should know all the dark sides even your resume 2016 is polished. There could be tons of reasons, and it’s better to hear that from hiring manager, if it would be possible. Main reasons could be different:

  • zones of responsibilities are different from those, which were announced during an interview
  • Inadequate boss and there were 3 more lucky people during this year on this position
  • No salary review

Or some other reasons? Try to understand if possible.

  1. What value the most successful candidates brought?

Try to understand how to they work with people. Do they encourage people who bring real value to their company? How do they do that. Just ask to understand if even they know something about their talents.

  1. What are the main criterias to pass the trial?

First of all you should understand what are you going to do and what are the main expectations from your employer’s side. What should you do to achieve expected results and what KPI’s should you reach. It’s better to discuss during an interview to understand the tempo and if your potential employer is adequate.

  1. Are there any issues your company faced during the last 6 months?

Try to understand if there are any internal problems inside the company. How do they going to solve them and whether they are real. Ask hiring manager about financial stability. Are there any issues you would face during your probation period? Just ask to see the reaction and the way HR will try to explain.

  1. Do you retain the most valuable candidates?

The most successful companies use KPI tracking system or implement career development programs to retain the most budding candidates. Even you are entry-level candidate, your employer should try to define goals for you. Based on how well you can reach such goals, they would define your career development story. Ask if their company do that.

Anyway, asking such question is a small risk. Try to avoid any conflict and do it gently.

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