Standard Resume Format 2016

Standard Resume Format 2016

As far as you know, there’re a lot of different formats employes uses to create an outstanding resume and reach the one goal – get the job. Most of job seekers never thought about what resume format is the most “generic”. And there is nothing to think about, it’s standard resume format. Let’s try to understand if there are any changes in standard resume format 2016 comparing to 2015 version.

>>Let’s see what executive hiring managers talk about standard resume format in 2014 and what changes since then<<

Standard resume format 2016 structure

Most likely it’s the same as it was in 2015, but there are some changes you need to know. So, let’s have a look on new winning structure and how you could use it to get you job.

Personal Information

The same, here you should add your name, surname, contact details and according to the latests trends – link to your LinkedIn profile

Career objective

3-4 sentences on what position you’d like to obtain, It’s not an essay, try to describe the job you’re looking for in 4 sentences.

Relevant skills

Add 5-8 skills which fit the best to the position you’re applying for. Try to avoid generalized skills alike “team-player” or “communication skills”. Be sure, hiring manager will test it, when you’ll get a phone call.

Work history

How you should do that? According to the standard resume format 2016 structure:

Current and Previous Positions.

Dates (MY – MY)
Position(s) – Add titles, not responsibilities or summary above each position title
State, City
Responsibilities – Describe your main responsibilities and experience you gained on this position. Use bullets.

Year, State, Title


Year, Name

Professional affiliations

If you have some – add.


If you’re ready to provide hiring manager with references, feel free to add. If you don’t have such, do not add them. But, please do not do the common mistake adding phrase “upon request”!

 What should I do if standard resume format 2016 do not brings me calls?

First of all – don’t worry! All the recruiters says:

“There’re no bad candidates, there’re some who can’t sell themselves”


You should try another tactic:

You have standard resume format 2016 already written, aren’t you? If so, write another one, using functional resume format 2016 and try to a split test, submitting different types of resumes and define the highest response rate.

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