School leavers: best jobs pack 2016

We dont know what was the main reason you decided to leave your school. And it’s not our business why you decided to make this decision. We’re here to help you with some advices on what you could do after.  There are some interesting opportunities which could not only bring you money, but good experience as well. So, lets get start our small tour:

1. McDonalds – good start!

resume tips 2016 for school leavers

Sometimes, when you don’t have time for a job seeking and you need money to pay for a rent or for smbd else, Mcdonalds it’s a good opportunity to earn some money, while you’re writing your resume 2016 or preparing yourself for a new challenge. Why it could be interesting? Because of flexible schedule. You plan your day, you get your money earned based on hourly rate. If you’re looking for job in good restaurant – 100% you should start your career here to gain as much experience as you can. You will pimp up such skills as time management and communication skills!

Where to find:

If you’re interested in career opportunities, please have a look some more information here: careers at McDonalds

2. Junior Copywriter

resume tips 2016 for school leavers

Have you ever tried to run your own blog about smth? If yes, you know what are we trying to say! Yes, what do you think about try yourself as a copywriter? For sure its only for those who has good grammar skills and able to write smth without mistakes. What are the benefits? First of all, you need just an electricity, laptop and WiFi. Most of copywriting jobs are freelance, so you don’t need to sit in office working by schedule. All you need is willingness to write and be ready for a tight deadlines.

Where to find:

3. Games tester

resume tips 2016 for school leavers

Do you like to play computer games and you think the job of your dream is to play games on daily basis? If you think so, we do have some good news for you! There is really cool job – games tester. What are your main responsibilities?

Before each release, game developers should test the functionality to avoid some bugs. Your main task – to find such bugs, note about them and provide your boss with bug list.

Nice job for those who like playing games!

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